Concerto Competition Winners

2019 Concerto Competition Winners Sequoia Kessler, bassoon – Youth Orchestra Student of Sue Zoellner-Cross Mia Gribbon, clarinet – Concert Orchestra Student of Julie Levene

Noah Bloom Appointed as Executive Director

7/22 – A Letter from NMS Board Chair, Amity Doolittle – Noah Bloom Appointed as Executive Director

The Board is delighted to announce the wonderful news that Noah Bloom will be the next Executive Director of Neighborhood Music School. An organization like ours ideally seeks a leader who is immersed in the vibrancy of New Haven and its surrounding towns, and who also possesses a deep appreciation and understanding of music, the arts and education. These qualities define Noah. …

Best Music Lessons of 2019

Thank you for voting us “Best Music Lessons of 2019” in the New Haven Register! Your support is truly appreciated!

How to Nurture Your Young Child’s Love of Music

Most adults know there are so many benefits to having a love for music. This sense of comfort and appreciation for music doesn’t just suddenly arrive spontaneously. Children acquire a taste for it, just like learning to love applesauce. When music becomes a part of everyday life and is incorporated into the family, there is a sense of familiarity that …

5/23 – A Letter from NMS Board Chair, Amity Doolittle – Dan Gurvich Steps Down as Executive Director

To the NMS Family: With gratitude and regret, we write to inform you that Dan Gurvich has announced his resignation as Executive Director of Neighborhood Music School, effective June 14. Over the past four years, Dan has led the School through a period of financial challenge and programmatic renewal. Dan and his team’s accomplishments include strengthening the NMS brand through …

A Teaching Champion Gets Her Due

For 55 years, Neighborhood Music School (NMS) teacher Grace Feldman has taught thousands of students to pick up their string instruments and make magic. She just never thought it might one day score her institution $10,000…. Read the rest of this article by Lucy Gellman HERE. 

Theater Offers A Map Through Middle School

A girl is angry about feeling socially left out and is talking about it with a more popular friend who, she suspects, sympathizes more than she lets on. “Isn’t it weird being weird? Maybe we could be weird together. Wait, that came out weird,” the girl says. A boy is annoyed at having to take more responsibility than his younger …

NMS Charts A Course To Middle School

Stage lights up. Curtains open. Mics on. On your kid’s schedule for today: a social studies lesson on the ancient Greeks, timed with live storytelling and a rehearsal for Oedipus Rex. The costume department has a last-minute wardrobe change that needs to be checked. The set design is two days behind schedule. And your kid is running a theater company with …