NMS has a number of named endowment funds which provide a vital source of support for specific programs and students, now and in the years ahead. Please consider contributing to one of these ongoing funds:

Danko/Todd Award for Excellence in Jazz Studies and Performance: Audition-based competition and scholarship to NMS Summer Jazz, established in 1999 by former Board member Ken Todd in honor of notable jazz pianist and former NMS teaching artist Harold Danko.

Mary Dillon Johnson Endowment for the Practice and Performance of Ensembles: Established by Susan Holahan in 2022, in memory of Mary Dillon Johnson, long-time NMS student and beloved community member, in order to support the NMS Ensemble Program.

Grace Feldman Endowment Award for Ensemble Excellence: Ensemble member award established in 2014 in honor of the 50th anniversary of longtime teaching artist Grace Feldman.

Jon T. Hirschoff Scholarship Fund: A fund created by the Hirschoff family to honor the former NMS Board president and accomplished pianist, providing musical instruction to a voice or piano student each year. Learn more about this endowment fund here.

Arlette Miller Endowment Fund: For adult programming; established in 2012 in memory of Arlette Miller, former Board member and major donor.

NMS General Endowment Fund: This fund supports NMS programs, scholarships and operations at the discretion of the Executive Director and Board of Directors.

Preschool Endowment Fund: For general support of NMS Preschool; established in 2004.

Dante A. Rosselli Memorial Piano Scholarship: Financial aid for piano students, established in 2022 by Gregory Campora in memory of his husband, Dante Rosselli. Learn more about the Rosselli fund here.

Helen S. Taffel Endowment Fund: Financial aid for piano students; established in 2000 by Helen Taffel, longtime donor, in memory of her late daughter Katherine.

Barbara L. Townshend Fund: Scholarship awards for classical piano students; established in 2014 by Suzanne Emerson and Heaton Townshend in memory of their mother and former NMS volunteer.

Visconti Family Fund: For general support of NMS; established in 2013 by Michele Visconti in memory of her parents, Michael and Catherine Visconti.

Welcome to the Neighborhood Endowment Fund: A fund to support scholarships for refugees resettling in New Haven or to underwrite a portion of refugee teacher salaries, with preference given to those who teach traditional instruments.

For more information, contact Noah Bloom, Executive Director, at nbloom@nmsnewhave.org or call 203-624-5189, x40.