Tracey Albert
Director of Dance & Wellness; Interim Drama & Film Coordinator; DELTA Coordinator
Ext: 57
Mary Bloom
Director of Music Education
Ext: 16
Noah Bloom
Executive Director
Ext: 40
Patty Boczer
Facilities Manager; Student Services Coordinator
Ext: 11
Tina Carlson
Assistant to the Director of Music Education and Database Manager
Ext: 19
Emmalee Carreras
Ext: 24
Dee Davis
Student Advisor
Ext: 22
Stephen Dest
Guilford Coordinator
Ext: 54
Alex Diaz
Morning Receptionist
Ext: 10
Gillian Eversman
Director of School Operations
Ext: 26
Tim Gara
Teacher and Student Services Coordinator
Ext: 14
Maria Giarrizzo-Bartz
ATLAS Co-Director
Ext: 27
Craig Hazel
Director of Finance
Ext: 15
Briana Louis
Creative Youth Development Program Coordinator
Ext: 32
Tanya Louis
Billing & Financial Aid Coordinator; Student Services Coordinator
Ext: 20
Kiyshon McAllaster
Ext: 10
Christine Missakian
Preschool Director
Ext: 23
Jenny Nelson
Senior Director of Programs
Ext: 17
Abigail Page
Saturday Receptionist
Ext: 10
Shayna Roosevelt
Communications Manager
Ext: 12
Anne Tubis
Manager of Development; Audubon Arts Director
Ext: 31
Jessica Tubis
Student Services Coordinator
Ext: 10
Erika Velasquez
Evening Receptionist
Ext: 10