For the past 112 years, donors like you have contributed their resources and volunteered their time to make it possible for Neighborhood Music School to fulfill its mission, which is to deepen the human experience and build connections through the learning, practice, and presentation of the performing arts.

NMS has always been about community and inclusion, from our inception as a settlement school teaching music to New Haven immigrants to the multi-faceted community arts school we are today, offering music, dance, and drama to nearly 2,500 students from throughout the state. Of these students, more than 500 participate for free or at a reduced cost, but the demand for financial assistance is far greater than we can meet. Our operating budget has been reduced from $5 million to $3 million, but we have continued to support our teachers nearly to the same extent as in past years because we understand that our teaching artists are the lifeblood of our organization.  Help us provide access to more students who love the arts. Help us retain their dedicated teachers who have inspired and nourished them. Together, we can create joyful experiences that provide fulfillment, feed our souls, and energize us.

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