Online Music Lessons Tips for Parents

Prepare, support, and celebrate!

Here’s how to make the most of your child’s online lessons:

1. Help your child make a smooth transition at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the lesson

  • Provide a pre-lesson snack
  • Wash hands
  • Have the instrument, music, and a pencil with an eraser ready
  • Have the computer/tablet set up with the camera positioned so the teacher has a clear, well-lit view

2. Create an environment that is free from distractions and set up for optimal learning

  • Having childcare or an engaging activity for younger siblings during the lesson time is ideal
  • Try to set up a lesson space away from the heavy traffic areas in the house
  • Television/devices should be turned off or set to silent mode during the lesson
  • Lesson space should include adequate lighting, an adjustable music stand, and a chair at the just-right height
  • Fancy microphones and cameras are helpful, but in most cases not necessary. Securing adequate internet speed is more important. An ethernet cable connection can provide more stability than wifi.

3. Be available to support your child during the lesson

  • Finding the right balance can be worked out between parents and teachers on an ongoing basis. Some children, especially in the early primary grades, need a parent to guide them, while others work better without. Sometimes their needs seem to change from week to week! Flexibility and a sense of humor help prevent tension and keep engagement high.

4. Celebrate accomplishments

  • Online learning is hard work, but often results in more independent learning. Celebrate even the smallest accomplishments to help keep lessons fun!
  • Invite siblings and family members to the end of a lesson where the student can show off their hard work.

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