Notable Neighbors: Emily Lathers & Maria Giarrizzo-Bartz and Caroline Golschneider

Excellence is demonstrated in many different ways at NMS, from Honors Recitals to the daily practice of connecting with your body, voice, and mind at ATLAS. In today’s Notable Neighbors, the breadth of excellence at NMS is on full display.

Singer Emily Lathers is passionate about the arts, and she loves knowing that everyone at NMS feels the same way.

“The sense of community at NMS is so great,” said Emily. “It is really a community of like-minded individuals, and such a great reminder that we all care deeply about the arts and arts education.”

Emily, a dancer at the Educational Center for the Arts (ECA) and a high school senior, first came to NMS in the summer of 2012 when she participated in Audubon Arts. She has been taking voice lessons with Cybil Jones-Juarez since 2014.

“I have truly enjoyed teaching Emily voice lessons over the past seven years,” said Cybil. “She is such a delightful, energetic, polite, and very talented person. She has developed a solid technique which has helped her sing many different genres. She has a passion for musical theater but also enjoys classical music. Her love for dancing has really made her an expressive singer. I am so proud of the work Emily has done and wish her nothing but joy and success as she achieves her many goals in life.”

Emily’s dedication to developing as an artist has led to her being chosen multiple times to perform at the NMS Honors Recitals. The Honors Recitals are held by audition for exceptional performers between the ages of 11-18. These students play, sing, or dance at an advanced level for their age, and demonstrate excellence in artistry.

This year, the Honors Recitals were presented virtually via our YouTube page. On the April 30th recital, Emily performed “Must the Winter Come So Soon?” by Samuel Barber:

While Emily has been glad to be able to learn from Cybil online throughout the past year, she looks forward to the full re-opening of our building.

“I love walking down the NMS hallways and running into family friends, classmates from school, and even current and former teachers. This is definitely something I miss with virtual learning. It is another great reminder that people come to NMS first and foremost to learn about the arts, for which we all share a love.”

We all join Emily in looking forward to the return of NMS hallway conversations and being with our community in person, celebrating our shared love of the arts.

Maria Giarrizzo-Bartz is the Founding Artistic Director and Caroline Golschneider is the Founding Education Director of ATLAS Middle School.

At ATLAS, academics connect to theatrical production. In Maria’s and Caroline’s words:

“ATLAS is a school designed expressly around the unique needs of 7th and 8th graders. Middle school students are at a crucial time of social and emotional growth, questioning the world and their place in it. We believe that theatre is the ideal medium for navigating the complexities of transitioning into independent thinkers and learners. We use the theatrical process to explore essential questions in literature, science, history, math, and beyond.”

Every day at ATLAS starts with a warm-up to activate the tools of the students’ and teachers’ bodies, voices, and minds. In this video, Caroline and Maria invite you to join them in activating your own body, voice, and mind: