An Important Message from the Executive Director

Dear NMS Community,

As I stepped out of my house the other day, and saw the buds on the tree in my front yard, I felt the promise of what was to come, but I knew more still needed to happen inside that tree before its full beauty was on display.

During this very hard year of not knowing what’s coming next, we took a number of steps to help keep us moving forward:

  • Preschool & ATLAS have been running on site since September;
  • Our Orchestra and Premier Strings have been in person since late fall;
  • We’ve had a number of Dance classes in our Recital Hall since early 2021;
  • This summer, we will welcome back Audubon Arts and a few other programs.

Along each part of this journey, we have learned new ways to keep people safe within our walls, including enhancing our HVAC system and refining our mitigation strategies. We are proud to say we have not had any in-school spread of Covid, all while maintaining the joy and education that our community relies on.

What’s next at NMS?

We are excitedly taking steps to ensure a full reopen in the fall!

Of course, we will continue to closely monitor the latest science, data, and safety guidelines, and respond and adapt accordingly. For example, class sizes and schedules will be structured with safety measures in place.

This very hard time has also given us an unusual opportunity to examine how we can better serve our community. We have revamped many of our classroom spaces to provide new resources and learning opportunities for enhanced programming, and look forward to sharing more information (with photos!) over the next few months.

Thank you all for your part in moving us forward over this past year. Your support, understanding, patience, and commitment to NMS mean the world to us. We look forward to when we can be together soon – that will truly be a beautiful sight for all to behold.

Noah Bloom

Executive Director