Do you qualify for DELTA?

If you meet the following requirements, please continue to the application portion!

To qualify for DELTA, students must:

  • Be in grade 6 through 12;
  • Attend a New Haven Public School;
  • Have a yearly household family income of $75,000 or less.

STEP 1: Learn about DELTA.

Learn all about  DELTA  on the program homepage.

STEP 2: Submit the online application.

Complete and submit the DELTA application using THIS LINK.

STEP 3: Provide proof of income.

Complete either one of the forms listed below and submit using THIS LINK.
  1. The first two pages of your family's most recent tax return or
  2. A budget worksheet from teh Department of Social Services

STEP 4: Complete and submit Proof of Personal Investment.

The proof of personal investment is an opportunity for you to share your interest in the arts and for us to learn a little more about you. We want to know what dance or music means to you and understand why you are interested in DELTA. It can be submitted in one of three ways using THIS LINK.

  1. Short video of your personal statement
  2. Written personal statement 
  3. Share an artistic piece (song, dance or monologue)


  1. Be creative and bring your own personal sense of self to your statement or artistic piece
  2. For video, please record horizontally with good lighting (preferably natural light). Try to find a quiet space to record.
  3. For your written statement, please save it as a separate word document.
  4. Your artistic piece and/or personal statement should be no longer than 3 minutes in total.
  5. Your artistic piece can be original or borrowed from literature/a play.

Each subsequent year, students/families are asked to:


Please contact DELTA Program Coordinator Briana Louis at or 203-624-5189, extension 32, for more information.

Application Requirements