In the 1950s, the late Japanese violinist and educator Dr. Shinichi Suzuki recognized the parallels between young children learning to speak their native language and children learning to play a musical instrument. Dr. Suzuki developed a method of musical instruction in which the ear is trained before the eye: students are first taught basic listening and playing skills before note reading is introduced, in the same way that children learn to speak and comprehend before learning to read. The Suzuki method is also called the “Mother Tongue Method,” in recognition of these similarities.

The NMS Suzuki Program is available to children beginning at age four. Instruments offered include violin, viola, cello, piano, and guitar. Students attend a required weekly individual lesson and periodic group classes, all at NMS. For children under age six, a trial lesson is required prior to admission to determine the readiness of the child and to review the program commitments with the parent.

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