Music Department

Welcome to a community where wonder and delight mingle in a personalized approach designed for each student. Recognizing each individual has a unique musical voice and learning style, NMS offers multiple approaches and entry points to help students grow in their musical understanding, experiencing joy in music making at every step along the way, from the beginning student to the most advanced performer. This is the heart of the excellence in education that makes NMS the unique and exciting institution that has shaped music education in southern Connecticut for over one-hundred years.

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Much in the same way children reach developmental milestones at different ages, each student is unique and there is no single optimal time that fits all learners. For younger students, a high level of interest, ability to imitate and follow instructions, and easy recognition of patterns are all good indicators of readiness. For older beginners, as well as adults, it is never too late to begin and older beginners tend to advance readily!
Some children show a strong interest in a particular instrument or in music in general. Others may not show a clear interest but seem to enjoy music.
Whenever possible, we recommend parents follow their child’s interest when selecting an instrument.
We strongly encourage students to take an introductory lesson before signing up! It is important to get the feel of the instrument, and also to find the right fit in a teacher.
Home practice is critical to student success. NMS rents instruments and can also refer students to other opportunities for rentals. Some instruments come in smaller sizes for our youngest students, and it makes sense to rent during the youngest years,
We have many exciting programs for adults, as well as individual lessons on every instrument we offer!
We are excellent at teaching classical music, but also teach many different genres of music including rock and jazz.
Expose your child to the world of music! We offer many different options for our youngest students in our early childhood and introductory classes. Going to live concerts, singing folk songs, and dancing to the beat are all wonderful ways to prepare your child. Reading books, telling and making up stories prepare for music literacy.