• all meaningful academic inquiry is interconnected.

  • young people deserve to participate in authentic, professional work that benefits their communities.

  • engaging in the creative process is vital for a well-rounded education.

  • families are essential partners in a young person’s education.

  • deep learning happens in an intellectually challenging and emotionally supportive environment.

  • diversity of thought and personal identity among teachers and learners maximizes learning and strengthens communities.

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Anti-Racism Policy

ATLAS rejects all forms of racism as destructive to the school’s mission, vision, values, and goals. ATLAS is committed to the following principles:

  • Establishing and sustaining a school community that shares the collective responsibility to address, eliminate, and prevent actions, decisions, and outcomes that result from and perpetuate racism.

  • Eliminating inequitable practices and cultivating the unique gifts, talents, and interests of every child to end the predictive value of social or cultural factors, such as race, class, or gender, on student success.

  • Respecting and championing the diversity and life experiences of all community members to support the school division’s mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives.

  • Acknowledging that racism is often compounded by other forms of discrimination, including, gender, sexual orientation, etc. 

ATLAS is committed to implementing an anti-racist curriculum and provide educational resources for students.

Curriculum and instructional materials will reflect cultural and racial diversity and include a range of perspectives and experiences, particularly those of historically underrepresented groups of color.

ATLAS is committed to providing various, including anonymous, means for students and staff to report racism and other forms of discrimination. 

ATLAS is committed to training all faculty in anti-racism practices. 

ATLAS will review its policy annually and make adjustments based on parent, student, staff, and NMS Board feedback.