Sample Schedule and notes from our Distance Learning. 
Distance Learning: a combination of daily teacher-led Zoom classes, full-group, small-group, daily check-ins and check-outs, social-emotional support and community times (virtual field trips e.g. The Guggenheim, workshops: Long Wharf Theatre Marketing department, and expert interviews) . 

Each work day begins with 40 minutes of mindful, vigorous movement aimed at increasing awareness and control of the breath, body, and mind. We explore various modes of movement and stillness using practices from Laban’s Movement Analysis, Suzuki, Viewpoints, modern dance, hip-hop dance, ballet, yoga, and meditation. During musical theatre productions, we create and rehearse show choreography.

Company members create the props, sets, costumes, lighting, and sound elements for theatrical productions. Facilitated by a collaborative teaching team made up of a STEM educator and a theatre design teaching artist, this class integrates learning objectives in science, technology, engineering, visual arts, and math. This course also supports ATLAS’s stand-alone math curriculum by connecting projects to Math Lab units.

A master teaching team made up of a theatre teaching artist and humanities teacher guide company members through the authentic theatrical process: researching, rehearsing, and performing plays related to a range of academic subject matter. Each company devises an original theatrical production based on a social studies unit of study, adapts a novel, produces a classical play, and performs a musical.

To support their work as a theatre company, members spend time with their humanities teacher studying and writing about the historical, social, and political context of their plays and their connections to current events. They learn to formulate and support strong points of view during class discussions and debates.

Through a partnership with Spanish on the Green, students develop and apply Spanish language skills through creative, project-based learning. 

In this daily course, company members work through targeted, sequential math instruction with a math teacher. The curriculum is Common Core aligned, hands-on, and prepares students for competitive high school math classes. Math Lab also lays the foundation for the project-based math work that takes place in STEM Stagecraft.

Company members pursue individual learning pathways during this block. These learning pathways are created in initial conversations with family members, the learner, and Education Director. The teaching team helps facilitate the learning process by providing scaffolded support, finding technology-based learning platforms, connecting students to community experts and tutors, and assessing student progress.

In this science course, students explore the four strands of scientific inquiry:

  • Knowing, using, and interpreting scientific explanations of the natural world.
  • Generating and evaluating scientific evidence and explanations.
  •  Understanding the nature and development of scientific knowledge.
  • Participating productively in scientific practices and discourse.

Through partnerships with local museums and college programs, ATLAS students also participate in several scientific expeditions throughout the year. This work is a deeper dive into a specific line of scientific inquiry, and involves working with experts to create authentic reports and products that benefit the community.

This course promotes breath support, vocal production, and musicality. Company members work on listening, singing, and sight-reading skills while rehearsing choral pieces in support of their theatre productions. Emphasis is also placed on the cultural and historical significance of music-making.

The company meets to reflect upon the trials and triumphs of the day and to calm their minds using meditation techniques.

Drawing upon the vast expertise within our surrounding community, we invite artists and professionals to be interviewed by our company and lead us in workshops related to their crafts.

Members of the company propose and organize experiences and service-projects that bring us closer to one another and to our surroundings. As part of this work, ATLAS produces and performs short plays based on storybooks for the NMS Preschool.

Each year ATLAS  attends several professional theatre productions at Long Wharf Theatre. ATLAS takes advantage of our Down Town location to explore the great city of New Haven.