Grace Feldman Endowment

The Grace Feldman Endowment Award for Ensemble Excellence was established in 2014 in honor of the 50th anniversary of longtime faculty member Grace Feldman, Ensemble Program Chair. This endowment provides a yearly scholarship for both merit-based and needs-based ensemble students. “Without these funds many students at NMS would not have the opportunity to work in ensembles,” says Ms. Feldman.  “These groups bring the joy of music making to all who are enrolled, giving each student the opportunity to explore new and exciting musical avenues.”

Endowments like the Grace Feldman Award play a huge role in facilitating NMS’s mission, providing financial support for promising students who may not have been able to afford musical instruction otherwise.  You can help us increase the number of opportunities for students to benefit by making a contribution to this ongoing endowment fund.

To donate, please contact Noah Bloom, Executive Director at [email protected]org