Faculty Recognition Program

The NMS Faculty Recognition Program was established in 2001 by the Board of Directors as a way to honor and thank faculty and staff members who, through their lengthy tenure at the school, have contributed significantly to the vitality and growth of the institution. Those who have completed “milestone” years, starting at year 10, are eligible for this program. This year NMS honors 15 faculty members who are now part of this esteemed group. These individuals are an integral part of the NMS community. Every day they serve our students with their constant encouragement, dedication and talent.
Join us in celebrating these NMS faculty with milestone anniversaries this spring! Inquire at the front desk, or click here to make a donation in their honor.


Congratulations to this year’s honorees:
Julia Blue Raspe 45 years
 Carl Shugart 30 years
Sara Kohane 25 years
Istvan B’Racz 25 years
Elaine Thoma 25 years
Peter DiGennaro 20 years
Sarah Jane Chelminski 15 years
Rachael Jungkeit 15 years
Mark Rike 15 years
Ingeborg Schimmer 15 years
Joseph Tinari 15 years
Julie Asuma Levene 10 years
Adam Matlock 10 years
Rosamund Morley 10 years
Dorota Xeller (Domagalska) 10 years