Renee B. Fisher Piano Competition Commissioned Pieces

PDF’s of past commissioned pieces from the Renee B. Fisher Piano Competition.

2017 Elementary / Middle School Division- Dave’s Reel by David Evan Thomas

  • In the fall of 2014, the Twin Cities lost a beloved citizen: physician, singer, parent and grandfather David Buran. I sang with David in VocalEssence and the Plymouth Congregational Church Choir. He was a proud supporter of the arts and a long-time member of Plymouth Church. I wrote Dave’s Reel in David’s memory for Ann, his wife, who is a fine pianist. The idea for the piece came while listening to folk music on the web during David’s last week, when he was quickly fading from cancer. Friends told me that David enjoyed dancing at a party on the Friday before he died. I put “folk” and “dancing” together and came up with Dave’s Reel.

2016 Elementary / Middle School Division- The Strath by Edmund Jolliffe

  • Inspired by the Scottish Strathspey dance. The melody, first heard in bars 1-7 and used as the basis for the whole piece, is an original one, though it should have the feel of a traditional Scottish Melody. The music exploers this tune in different ways, and veers off at tangents, sometimes extreme, only to be drawn back again. (Read more in PDF)

2016 High School Division – Laeta Devote by Pierre Bastaroli

  • Laeta Devote is inspired by a Corsican chant from a 17th century Franciscan manuscript. It’s a meditative piece which evokes deserted landscapes and religious sounds resounding in a Franciscan monastery in Corsica. It has to be played very legato and softly, without too much digital attacks. The start of the piece has no time signature so that the performers plays as if he improvised. The indication of tempo are just suggestions; the piece should be played with freedom, rubato and large breaths between the phrases. The pedal is left at the discretion of the interpreter. Try to produce as much reverberation as possible without blurring the melodic line. The soft pedal can be used. Grace notes must be played before the beat and not too fast.