The benefits of music study are well documented. At NMS, we believe the more students engage with our community, the quicker they will develop, and more likely they will be to stick with their studies for the long haul. Becoming part of a community of like-minded students helps students broaden their skills and build friendships, making the process all the richer. For this reason, we offer discounts to encourage students to enroll in multiple activities. These discounts will be applied after registration by our Student Services staff, and will be reflected in updated account balances as soon as possible.


One of the benefits of Individual Instruction* at NMS is that students can enjoy the following activities:


  • Workshops (like Songwriting, Composition or Fun with Rhythms)
  • Theory 1 class
  • Audubon Voices: Children’s Chorus

• 5% off duo ensembles
• 20% off one (1) Greater New Haven Youth Ensemble
• 25% off all other small ensembles
• 50% off dance & wellness classes (excluding mini-sessions and classes pro-rated to less than half a year)
• 15% off drama classes

Students taking multiple classes with no individual lessons:
• 50% off the 2nd and any additional dance & wellness classes.
Discount applies to the least expensive class(es) and excludes mini-sessions.
• $100 discount when enrolled in both Scene Study and Practical Acting
Preschool/Toddler students
• 50% off dance and early childhood classes

Sibling Discount:
We offer 5% off Audubon Arts tuition when a family registers two or more siblings.
Please note: There are no other discounts for Summer session enrollments.


  • Students taking a GNHYE and any other ensemble(s) receive 50% off one (1) GNHYE.
  • Students taking 16 or more individual lessons, a GNHYE, plus a small ensemble receive 50% off the GNHYE and 25% off their small ensemble(s).
  • Students taking 16 or more individual lessons, a GNHYE, plus a duo ensemble receive 50% off the GNHYE and 5% off their duo ensemble(s).

Discounts for parents of NMS Preschool/Toddlers or students taking individual lessons (16 or more):
• 25% off dance & wellness classes
Discounts for Seniors – students 65 and over
• 5% off any tuition upon request

Please note: The price for Vintage Voices (a class exclusively for seniors) has already been reduced and is not eligible for the senior discount.

*students taking 16 or more lessons in an academic year