Registration Information

NMS offers full-year enrollment for individual lessons and classes, as well as a summer session.

Creating an account is the first step in the registration process. Visit to create an online account, or call our front desk at 203-624-5189 to have someone assist you.

Financial aid is available for students who qualify. A separate financial aid application must be submitted for each registration.

  • Students can register for classes or ensembles online.
  • For individual lessons, returning students may be automatically rolled into the next academic year, or can complete a lesson inquiry.
  • New music students will complete a lesson inquiry, then will have a personal consultation (conducted by telephone or in person), which is a chance to discuss where to begin, what instrument to study, types of instruction and availability of teachers.

Registration FAQ

Charitable contributions allow us to offer limited financial aid to those who demonstrate a need. The amount of aid awarded is based on household income, family size and financial obligations, and is limited by the availability of NMS resources. Financial aid does not pay for lessons/classes in full. Limited scholarships based on merit are also available for the ensemble program at the recommendation of a teacher and the head of the Ensemble Program.

A financial aid deposit of $50 is required for a financial aid application. Reduced tuition deposits will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Continued aid is dependent upon attendance and teacher/director evaluation and ongoing need. NMS reserves the right to discontinue any financial aid because of frequent absences or tardiness, or because of delinquent lesson payments.


Summer financial aid application
Academic Year 2017 – 2018 application

Individual Instruction Lesson Fees:

30-minute lesson – $42.25 each
45-minute lesson – $58.75 each
60-minute lesson – $74.50 each
90-minute lesson – $108 each

Registration Fee
A once-yearly, $50 per family registration fee helps us cover personnel costs associated with student placement, scheduling and enrollment.

Late Fee
A $25 charge for accounts which are overdue 45 days will be applied to your account.
Additional $25 charges will be applied every 30 days thereafter.

Additional Fee Information
• All past due balances must be paid in full prior to registration.
• Classes awaiting minimum enrollment will have a delayed start and are prorated.
• Individual lesson enrollments received after the start of the academic year will be prorated.

Yes! In order to keep our programs within reach, we will continue to offer students the option to spread their academic year tuition over monthly installments. A modest 3% finance charge will help us defray the costs incurred by the school in processing multiple transactions. Our payment plans remain an attractive option for our students, as compared with annual interest rates of 15%-20% finance charges by many other institutions.

How much do I need to put down?
To ease the burden on our families, the payment plan option requires a deposit of just 10% plus the payment plan fee to register. Of course, you are welcome to pay in full should you prefer!

Regular attendance is critical to learning at Neighborhood Music School. As a courtesy to instructors, students are asked to call the School at 203-624-5189 and leave a message for their instructor if they expect to be absent. Notification does not exempt the student from payment as contracted.
Because of our faculty’s tight lesson schedules, students who are late for a lesson cannot be guaranteed their full lesson time. Faculty will wait for a student for one third of their lesson time; students are asked to do the same. Missed lesson time due to faculty tardiness will be made up at a mutually convenient time.
Instructors commit to a set schedule of NMS teaching days based upon student registration. To honor the commitments of our instructors and families, we follow the make-up policies outlined below.

Teacher Absence

Lessons missed due to teacher absence are rescheduled at the earliest mutually convenient date possible. If the instructor is not able to make up the missed lesson by the end of the term, the School will issue a credit to the family’s account.

Student Absence

Due to space and scheduling considerations, Neighborhood Music School does not make up lessons due to student absences or cancellations. There are no refunds for lessons or classes missed due to student absence. Please make every effort to attend your scheduled lesson time.

With at least one week’s notice to the teacher and Student Services, one regularly scheduled individual lesson that is missed due to a religious holiday will be rescheduled as a make-up or credited to the students’ account. For group classes and ensembles, we will pro-rate fees for one religious holiday.

The benefits of music study are well documented. At NMS, we believe the more students engage with our community, the quicker they will develop, and more likely they will be to stick with their studies for the long haul. Becoming part of a community of like-minded students helps students broaden their skills and build friendships, making the process all the richer. For this reason, we offer discounts to encourage students to enroll in multiple activities. These discounts will be applied after registration by our Student Services staff, and will be reflected in updated account balances as soon as possible.

Students taking individual lessons (16 or more weeks) and:
• 5% off ensembles with two participants
• 20% off one (1) Greater New Haven Youth Ensemble
• 25% off all other ensembles
• 50% off dance & wellness classes (excluding mini-sessions and classes pro-rated to less than half a year)
• 15% off drama classes

Students taking multiple classes with no individual lessons:
• 50% off the 2nd and any additional dance & wellness classes.
Discount applies to the least expensive class(es) and excludes mini-sessions.
• $100 discount when enrolled in both Scene Study and Practical Acting
Preschool/Toddler students
• 50% off dance and early childhood classes

Sibling Discount:
We offer 5% off Audubon Arts tuition when a family registers two or more siblings.
Please note: There are no other discounts for Summer session enrollments.


Students taking a Greater New Haven Youth Ensemble and any other ensemble(s) receive 50% off one (1) GNHYE.

Students who also take individual lessons (16 or more weeks) receive both the GNHYE and Individual Plus discounts.

Discounts for parents of NMS Preschool/Toddlers or students taking individual lessons (16 or more):
• 25% off dance & wellness classes
Discounts for Seniors – students 65 and over
• 5% off any tuition upon request

Please note: The price for Vintage Voices (a class exclusively for seniors) has already been reduced and is not eligible for the senior discount.

General Policies

  • Notification must be delivered to Student Services in writing (by hand, postal mail or email to by the deadlines noted below.
  • Verbal notification or absence from scheduled meetings is not an acceptable form of notification.
  • Registration fees are always non-refundable, unless a class is cancelled by NMS due to under-enrollment
  • Custom ensembles, joint lessons and short-run classes are non-refundable.
  • Payment plan fees will be prorated at the time of withdrawal so only the months used will be charged.

Withdrawal Deadlines
For registrations prior to January 31:

  • After the first scheduled meeting. Students are responsible for the cost of the first lesson/class/ensemble.
  • After the second scheduled meeting. Students are responsible for the cost of the first two lessons/classes/ensembles
  • After the third scheduled meeting, students wishing to discontinue for the 2nd half of the year should notify NMS by December 31. Students are responsible for the cost of all lessons/classes/ensembles through January 31.
  • After the December 31 notification deadline, students are responsible for the cost of all lessons/class/ensembles through the end of the academic year.

For registrations after February 1:

  • After the first scheduled meeting. Students are responsible for the cost of the first lesson/class/ensemble.
  • After the second scheduled meeting. Students are responsible for the cost of the first two lessons/classes/ensembles.
  • After the third scheduled meeting, students are responsible for the cost of all lessons/classes/ensembles through the end of the academic year.

Summer Term
Tuition and registration fees for individual lessons, classes, ensembles and summer intensives are non-refundable and non-transferable, with two exceptions: 1) for individual lessons that an instructor is unable to give; and 2) for a class that is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.

Tuition and fees for all classes and lessons (except Audubon Arts) must be paid in full at the time of registration. No student or family with an outstanding tuition balance is permitted to register until the balance has been paid.

Refund Policy for Audubon Arts:
The required deposit of $250 and all other tuition fees paid are fully refundable through April 1. All fees minus the $250 deposit are refundable through May 1. All fees become fully non-refundable and non-transferable after May 1.

Course cancellation occurs occasionally, usually due to insufficient enrollment. Students or parents of students will be notified immediately of any cancellation. We will make every effort to reschedule the student for another session of the same course, if one is available at a convenient time. If no such course is available, we will issue a refund.
Yes! Students enrolled at Neighborhood Music School may rent full and smaller (Suzuki) sized violins, violas, cellos and guitars based on instrument availability. Some wind instruments (clarinets, flutes, trumpets and brass) may also be available. There is no charge for summer rental if the student has already registered for the upcoming academic year.

NMS faculty members are happy to provide information on alternative options for rental or purchase of instruments.

Instrument Rental Rates:

$180 for academic year
$50 for summer


All music students are encouraged to practice every day. NMS has three practice rooms available to students, with a piano in each room. Students may sign out a practice room key at the reception desk.
Unless NMS is given advance written notice to the contrary, students, upon registration, give consent for NMS to take photos, audio recordings or video footage of classes, lessons and/or concerts without notice and to publish such photos, audio and video footage royalty free in its print, audio and electronic promotional efforts, including its website and social media. This consent also authorizes releases from any expectation of confidentiality for minor children of a parent or legal guardian.
 Electronic notices are posted:

NMS posts information about school delays or closings on the following local media outlets:

Radio Stations: WELI 960 AM, WICC 660 AM or KCIO1 FM radio
TV Stations: Channel 3 (CBS), Channel 4 (NBC), Channel 8 (ABC), Channel 6 (Fox)

Students should be sure to check one of the above information sources. As we serve over 80 towns and cities, please do not assume that NMS will be closed based on your local public school cancellation. The decision to close NMS is determined by safety conditions in Greater New Haven and state highway advisories.

In the event of a closing, the missed lesson is treated as a teacher absence and will either be made up or issued as a credit shortly after the end of the academic year.

During snow emergencies, the City of New Haven issues temporary parking bans on city streets and will ticket and tow violators. You may wish to use the parking garage on Audubon Street. For information on New Haven city rules, visit here or call 203-946-SNOW.