Hanan Hameen

Hanan Hameen
Ms. Hanan Hameen, Doctoral Candidate is the Founder of the Artsucation™ Academy Network, Ms. Hanan’s Dance and Beyond, New Haven Hip-Hop Conference, Keepers of the Culture Performing Arts Company, Official Junteenth Coalition of Greater New Haven, and the Premiere Dance Company at Neighborhood Music School. Ms. Hameen is also Artistic Director of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) DanceAfrica Candle Bearers founded by her dance grandfather Baba Dr. Chuck Davis, and an Adjunct Professor at Gateway Community College through a partnership with the International Festival of Arts & Ideas.
Currently, Ms. Hameen is pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment at Walden University, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Administration, Master equivalent in Dance Education, Master of Science in Educational Leadership with an Advanced Certificate in School Building Leadership from CUNY Bernard Baruch College, 92nd Street Y Harkness Center Dance Education Laboratory Alumni, a Lupus support group facilitator, an author, dance mentor, and curriculum developer.
Before Lupus diagnosis in 2010, Ms. Hameen performed with 13 dance companies, instructed at 8 colleges and universities in NYC and CT, choreographed for major and independent artists, founded 6 dance companies, and owned/operated 4 dance schools during her dance career of over 30 years. Now being employed disabled, through Artsucational™ events she uplifts the community domestically and abroad in 4 countries. Ms. Hameen’s awards and recognitions include three honors societies and Arts Council of Greater New Haven 2018 Phenomenal Woman and Artist Commission Awardee. Her doctoral research interests are on STEAM education, culturally relevant instruction, and gifted and talented African-American youth.
During this pandemic, Ms. Hameen is hosting an online diasporic class series with former artists from Dance Africa and national dance companies. Follow Ms. Hameen on Facebook Artsucation Academy Network or Instagram @ArtsucationAcademy.
  • Why you teach at NMS
I teach at NMS because it is a place where I can help shape the lives of promising young dancers from diverse backgrounds who are amazing people. Through dance mentorship, my students are exposed to dance family, legacy, and receive the necessary tools to navigate not only the professional dance world but life in general with increased cultural awareness. NMS is a safe space that trusts me as a professional and master teacher and listens to my ideas and cultural experiences to ensure that the complete Greater New Haven community is included. NMS does its best to make sure that all neighborhoods are welcome and this is something that I love to be a part of.
  • Fun fact about you - something people might not know
Here's a couple, I'm a STEAM person. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Artsucation, Mathematics. I went to college for Computer Science and I was doing Calculus in 5th grade at age 10 and had a full math scholarship for college. I also started walking and dancing at the same time because I was born pigeon-toed. I had to wear shoes with a bar on them to keep my feet straight and my mother enrolled me in ballet at age 2 when those shoes came off. I've been dancing ever since.
  • Anything else you think it would be fun for people to know about you.
I started teaching at age 15 in NYC and then founded the dance program at my high school as a student. I was the dance teacher for my 10th and 11th-grade years, This is where my Artsucation curriculum started. 25 years later the program still exists! And my favorite color is orange.

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