Drew Fermo

Drew Fermo
  • Jazz
  • Piano

Over the past 13(+) years, Drew Fermo has followed a life-long passion in music. A well-versed multi-instrumentalist hailing from the studies of seasoned players (Donald Vega, Don Trenner, Craig Hartley, Pete Malinverni, Will Cleary, Chris Anderson, Jeff Fuller, and more), Drew brings to the table exceptional aural abilities and performance skills across the genres that make his combination of advances in Piano + Bass Guitar performance, session playing, teaching, writing, and music directing unique in the industry. A people person and team player, Drew is a valuable asset to several music groups, studios, and schools in the Greater New York City area, consistently bringing his “A game” to everything he does. Drew also holds the position of Assistant Music Director & Pianist at the church of St. Paul St. James in New Haven.