Deron Beasley

Deron Beasley
  • Dance

Deron, a Movement Specialist at ATLAS, is a dance educator, dancer, and choreographer with over 20yrs of experience. Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut Deron started his dance training in middle school. During Deron’s high school years he attended E.C.A.,1994-1996, and graduated from Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School in 1998. In 1998 Deron was awarded the Juilliard Experience Scholarship only awarded to 50 US students every year. Deron attended The Ailey School, in NYC from 1999-2001. In 2002 Deron started his dance relationship with the Board of Education as a dance teacher. In 2005 Deron studied Pedagogy at the Hartford Conservatory for a short time. Deron is currently working creatively for the New Haven Board of Education, supporting academic studies through his movement curriculum.


Why I work at NMS:

I work at NMS for their standard for education, the Arts & their work in the communities. I experience the collaborative approach a team takes when given a project or problem  The feeling of Community & team work draws me to NMS !


Fun Facts:

  •  I know the Hebrew Alphabet
  • I love to Walk
  • I am the 5th child of 6
  • I am the last boy of 4
  • I love to create music in my spare time.

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