How Much Do Music Lessons Cost?

The honest answer: it depends.

Music teachers range from college music students to working musicians trying to make some extra money teaching on the side, to experienced and well-trained professional music teachers. As you might imagine, music lessons taught by a professional teacher cost more than lessons taught by a college student.

What Questions Should I Ask About a Teacher?

When considering which music teacher to work with, be prepared to ask questions. A few key areas to ask about:

What music teaching experience does the teacher have?

Some questions to consider:

  • What music training and teacher training have they received?
  • How many years have they been teaching?
  • How experienced are they with your child’s level of ability and musical interests?
  • Does your child have any special needs that the teacher should know about?
  • How committed are they to teaching music? Is this something they are passionate about, or just a way to make some money between gigs?
  • Are they current with the latest research in music and teaching?

Is the teacher a good fit for you and your needs?

Be sure to communicate about any individual needs you might have:

  • Is there a particular style of music you absolutely want to learn?
  • Can or will the teacher teach you what you want to play?
  • How will the teacher let you know how your child is progressing?
  • How much practice is expected?
  • Will music theory be offered?
  • What types of performance opportunities are available?
  • Where will the lessons take place?
Lessons at a Community Music School vs. Lessons at a Teacher’s Home

Your decision about where to take lessons should take into consideration the type of environment where the lessons take place.

Teaching studios at a community music school like Neighborhood Music School are made expressly for teaching music. They have ample space and are climate-controlled. High-quality pianos are regularly tuned.

Beyond our studios, Neighborhood Music School (NMS) provides numerous opportunities for students to play with other students in small and large ensembles. Frequent performance opportunities are also available in our beautiful Recital Hall. Our students love the opportunity to become part of a musical community.

We hire our teachers through a rigorous interview process that includes background checks, we conduct regular teacher assessments, and we provide mentorship to ensure that every student receives a high-quality experience.

And let’s not forget our discounts and perks, nor our generous financial aid!

Music lessons at a teacher’s home, on the other hand, take place in a very different setting, with many fewer opportunities and perks. If you are deciding between lessons at a community music school or lessons in a teacher’s home, we encourage you to carefully compare what your experiences would be like.

What Should I Expect to Pay?

A recent college graduate teaching from home might charge anywhere from $25 – $35 for a half-hour lesson.

At a community music school, with an experienced teacher, you could pay anywhere from $40 – $55 for a half-hour lesson.

You can find Neighborhood Music School’s tuition rates here.

The cost for lessons at a music school may be higher, but you’ll get more for your money.  

How Do I Sign Up?

When you sign up for a 4-pack of introductory lessons at NMS, your first lesson is FREE!

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