Get to Know Gillian!

We’re thrilled to announce that Audubon Arts Director Gillian Eversman is expanding her position at NMS to include the half-time role of Community Engagement Manager (CEM) that was recently vacated by Cara McDonough.

As CEM, Gillian will help us build strong relationships with local educators, businesses, and civic organizations. She will also be managing community events and performances, including those of NMS’s Premier ensembles. One of Gillian’s most immediate tasks is to mobilize the Parent Engagement Committee, which was recently reconstituted by Cara, and which is eager to support the school’s success. Gillian is also forming engagement committees for teens and for adult students! Please reach out to Gillian if you’d be interested in joining one of these groups – or if you have additional ideas about how NMS might engage more deeply with all of
our stakeholders.

Gillian recently spoke with our Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Lisa Rovello:

It’s wonderful that you’re already so familiar with Neighborhood Music School as Director of Audubon Arts. What attracted you to Community Engagement?
I am passionate about both community-building and the arts, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to combine my passions in this position. I love New Haven and the surrounding communities in our region, and I am excited to help deepen Neighborhood’s ties to everyone who lives here.

What do you like best about working at NMS?
It’s such an inspiring place to work! I love the energy in the building when people of all ages and backgrounds come streaming through the front door for their lessons, classes, and rehearsals. We are all here because we love and value the arts, and I am always so moved by the sense of common purpose and community.

Tell us a little about your background and experience in connecting with the community.
I grew up in a tiny community in Alaska, and when you live in a remote place with extreme weather, you have to band together and help each other out. Though New Haven is very different from where I grew up, I still believe strongly in the importance of working together as a community to improve the lives of everyone in our region.

When you are out talking to people who don’t already know about Neighborhood Music School, what is the most important thing that you want them to know?
I want everyone to know that there is a place for them at Neighborhood Music School. Whether you are two or ninety-two, whether you have never danced before or you’ve been dancing for years, whether you were born in New Haven or you are a new arrival to our region, NMS warmly welcomes you. NMS is already a second home for so many, and it can be a second home for you, too.

We know that you’re looking to expand the Parent Engagement committee. How would an interested parent go about getting involved?
I’m delighted that we have recently relaunched our Parent Engagement Committee, and I’m excited to share the news that we will also be launching a Youth Engagement Committee and an Adult Student Engagement Committee. The broad purpose of each of these committees is to encourage and support community engagement with the programs and events at NMS. I invite anyone interested in learning more about the work of the committees to contact me or
click here.

All of the Engagement Committees will have the opportunity to assist with initiatives designed to promote community-building. We look forward to hosting free social events, like monthly coffees in the Atrium here at NMS, and additional Family Fun events, like our recent Family Movie Night. We have lots of other ideas for ways we can bring our community together, and if you have a passion for community-building around the arts, I encourage you to join one of our committees – we want your ideas and your enthusiasm!
Gillian Eversman can be reached via e-mail at [email protected].