COVID-19 Update – March 23


Dear NMS Students and Families,

As we all continue to adjust to the current situation caused by COVID-19, I have been amazed at our community’s response and efforts to keep engaged with arts learning as a central part of our lives. In just a week’s time, most of our faculty have adapted to learning new technologies and are finding new and exciting ways to connect with their students. 

Today’s announcement from Governor Lamont that schools will open no earlier than April 20th means that our originally hopeful date of March 31 will no longer be possible. We realize that current news and circumstances mean that each instance of a projected reopening date is obsolete almost immediately.

Although the timeline for NMS reopening is in flux, we have every intention of fulfilling our commitment to provide a complete educational experience by offering online learning opportunities (lessons, classes and more) and extending our academic year as long as possible. We are also working toward providing the summer experiences that NMS has become known for. 

Due to the fact that we don’t yet have all the answers needed to create definitive solutions, we ask that you remain patient as we learn more. For many of our students, staying connected to NMS online during this time has already become an important way to stay grounded. In fact, many parents and students have asked about adding additional lessons, so they can stay busy with meaningful things they love.

You can add lessons by contacting us at [email protected].

As we all continue to adapt, let the arts fill your soul. Sing more boldly than ever. Dance in your pajamas. Act out a play with your family. And remember – from the beat of our first heartbeat, to our first scream, to our first stretch, the arts are in us all!

Thanks for your patience with and dedication to NMS.

Thinking of you all,

Noah Bloom
Executive Director