World Music Ensembles

Explore music from around the world while playing with others! Ensemble experience helps you hone your rhythmic and listening skills, encourages teamwork and demands collaboration. You’ll find ensemble participation to be one of the most rewarding and valuable aspects of music study.

Alternative Style String Ensemble

Level 1: Ages 10+ (at least 3 years playing experience or equivalent of book 3 Suzuki)

Level 2: Ages 14+ (5+ years playing experience or equivalent of book 4 Suzuki)

Styles include: Fiddling, blues rock/ jazz, and pop music covers. Repertoire and arrangements will be selected based upon the enrollment. Techniques: rhythmic string playing, chopping, percussive techniques, comping chord changes, embellishing melodies, improvising. Electronics may be used in the advanced ensemble.

Klezmer in the Neighborhood

Ages 14 and up. Klezmer in The Neighborhood will focus on some gems of the American and European Klezmer repertoires - repertoire flexible depending on instrumentation. Each class will focus on learning a tune or two by ear - written materials will be provided at the end of sessions, but recording of classes is encouraged as well! The goal will be to work on a small body of music as well as learning to make informed choices in how to play 'in the style'. Open to: Strings, Brass, Winds, Guitars/plucked strings (melody or chords), some folk instruments. One or two pianists max.

Sherry & Alivia Craft Steel Band
Steel Band

From Bach to calypso, from rap to reggae, enjoy the magic of steel pans, the musical phenomenon from the Caribbean! At least one semester of individual lessons with instructor is recommended. Please contact Debby Teason for placement information. The class will learn a song of their choice on steel pans to perform on the NMS steel band recital at the end of the semester.

West African Drum Circle

Explore the layered interlocking polyrhythms of West Africa while learning to play world percussion and hand drums with confidence. African drumming empowers us to find our individual rhythmic voice, and brings us together in cooperation, respect and cultural understanding. This class will focus on djembe, djun djun and conga drums. We will also introduce the gankogui bell and shekere. The rhythmic skills learned in these fun, fast paced classes easily translates to all other musical instruments.