Cello Workshop – Advanced

These workshops are designed for advanced high-school students, and advanced adults and professionals. In the fall two sessions will be devoted to highschool regionals and college auditions/recordings. The other two sessions will be open to adults and professionals and with one session on sonata repertoire and one focused on short piece (e.g. Kol Nidnei, Faure Elegy etc). The pieces must not be arrangements and must be a minimum of six minutes. There are two tracks: Performers and Auditors. Performers have a guaranteed piano rehearsal and performance priority.

Piano Workshop

Performance is an integral part of the learning process. Having regular performance goals motivates students to practice and prepare repertoire more quickly and thoroughly. Performance classes provide all this in a friendly, supportive, and social environment.

Winter Cellos

This is a shorter version of Summer Cellos. Intermediate and Advanced ensemble playing of Baroque, Classical and Modern arrangements.