Voice Ensembles

Audubon Voices: Children’s Chorus
The goal for the singers is to learn how to use their voices in a healthy way, while learning to work as an ensemble, singing in rounds, 2 or 3 part choral music. Within each rehearsal, a variety of learning tools will be used, including rote learning, solfege, reading music notation,  creative movement, rhythmic movement, exploratory vocal technique and more. This class is FREE for students enrolled in Individual lessons! Please contact the office to receive discount.

Cabaret is a medium that combines the performers’ musicality and interpretive imagination in an intimate performance setting. Students in this class will explore different approaches to understanding what motivates a song, and work towards a public performance at the end of each term. Students will choose material in consultation with the instructor. An informal interview is required. Teens welcome with permission of instructor. Maximum of six students per class.

Neighborhood Glee Club

The tradition of male part singing is alive and well and now available at NMS! Join the Neighborhood Glee Club to explore the rich repertoire of music for male voices. Enjoy old favorites and learn new material in an atmosphere of friendship and fun. Each semester will culminate in a performance of the songs learned.

NMS Chorus

Explore the joy of singing together! Participants will prepare choral standards from composers of the Renaissance through 21st century. A basic audition is necessary to check for participant's ability to sing in tune, rhythmic accuracy and pitch memory. Participants should be prepared to sing "Happy Birthday" accompanied by the director and sing basic vocal exercises.

Rounds for Women

This singing class is for "tune-carrying" women who love to sing and who may or may not read music. Everyone learns the same melody and then the harmonic fun begins! Songs about nature, fun, time, love, sadness, peace, happiness in various styles. Modern and contemporary repertoire. Join us in this Sisterhood of Song!

Vintage Voices

A combination of music and movement for participants 60-years and up who want to stay active in mind and body. Participants will explore low-intensity modern dance and vocal music of all styles. The class is designed to accommodate any level of physical ability and musical skill.