Voice Classes for Youth

Voice Classes for Youth

Audubon Voices: Children’s Chorus
The goal for the singers is to learn how to use their voices in a healthy way, while learning to work as an ensemble, singing in rounds, 2 or 3 part choral music. Within each rehearsal, a variety of learning tools will be used, including rote learning, solfege, reading music notation,  creative movement, rhythmic movement, exploratory vocal technique and more. This class is FREE for students enrolled in Individual lessons! Please contact the office to receive discount.
Musical Theater Workshop

In this weekly program, students develop the skills needed to thrive in any musical theater setting. Classes focus on vocal coaching, improvisation, comedy, monologues and multiple dance genres - helping prepare students to share their work in an exciting year-end performance.
Age 8-12 A perfect introduction to the world of musical theater studies. Dance, voice, and drama basics are incorporated in this fun and exploratory class. Students attend a 45 minute NMS Children’s Chorus (where they will gain valuable singing techniques in a fun, energetic atmosphere) followed by 60 minutes of dance and drama activities that build a strong foundation of skills and confidence.
Age 13-18 In this course, students work to integrate voice, dance & drama - building the skills for confident, dynamic performances and preparing students for outside auditions. Students attend the 60 minute NMS Teen Chorus (where they learn healthy vocal technique in a fun and focused ensemble class) followed by a 90-minute dance and drama class (where they build skills through dance combinations and theatrical exercises). Students polish their skills in a focused and supportive approach that propels their unique style and expressive freedom.

Teen Cabaret Intensive

Instructor: Liz Rubino - Accompanist: David Bell

Cabaret is a word that has been used to describe a few things, including a “variety show” and the Kander & Ebb musical titled “Cabaret.” In its truest meaning, Cabaret is an art form in and of itself. Its roots are traced back to the 1800s in France at Le Chat Noir, and today, it is a prominent art form in New York City, across the nation, and internationally! Through song delivery and presence, the Cabaret Intensive teaches performers how to be authentic and spontaneous with their audience. Unlike playing a character, you are “yourself” on stage. There is no “fourth wall,” (the audience is very present and in the now) and the material you choose represents you in unique ways. Cabaret is not about singing “the best,” but rather, it's about storytelling and emotional discovery through the music and lyrics. An excellent opportunity for teens who love to sing, perform, and learn how to be their best and most present selves.