Summer Rocks!

Ages 9 and up.* All instruments and vocalists welcome! Instruction and bands are offered at all levels of experience.

Our exciting, student- driven program encourages participants to find their creative voice and gain musical skills while fostering community. In addition to the collaborative learning experience that defines Summer Rocks! every year, students will focus on songwriting and learn about the many different genres of rock that influence today’s music.

Rock America! — This summer, we’ll celebrate American rock music by region:  Brooklyn indie, the Seattle vibe, the Nashville “sound,” the musical outpouring of Austin’s SXSW festival, Detroit’s Motown movement, the New Orleans scene, Appalachian Roots rock, the east- and west-coast scenes … America is all of this – and all of US! Hop in our tour bus as we take a week-long journey across this vast and diverse musical place we call home.

As always, the program culminates in a student concert, which is an outright lovefest of good vibe and support every year! SR! is a can’t-miss opportunity to tweak your musical skills, have fun, and express your creative side. So bring your ax, put on your seat belt, and get ready to experience this journey through the myriad American tributaries of this powerful form of musical expression!

*or permission of director

Monday – Friday, August 14 – 18
9:30 am to 5:30 pm

At the end of each day, students attend a workshop designed for all performers that addresses common issues. Topics include Singing, Rock History, Performance Skills, Live Performance and Sound Reinforcement.

Each day, students choose an exciting elective.
Here are just a few of the offerings…

  • Performance Skills: Explore the practices of spatial awareness, stage presence, dynamics of staging, lighting and other production considerations in this essential, new elective.
  • Amplification & Effects: Experiment with instrument-specific amplification techniques,
    EQ and other “effect” applications.
  • Rock History: Learn about the people, places and reasons behind the most importantmusical movements and artists of our time.
  • Songwriting: Play with song structures, forms, chord progressions, dynamics
    and much more.
  • Lyric Writing: Discover the potency of lyrics in song through writing prompts, the study of words as sound and compositional structures. You’ll be surprised at what you come up with!
  • Instrument Maintenance & Repair: Learn the basic, but important, caretaking responsibilities of different instruments—from how to string a guitar to those pesky trumpet valves to wacky truss rods to banged up drum stuff.
  • Recording: Each day, record a different instrument type. By Friday, you’ll have a fully produced song!
  • Vocal Intensive: Design and practice everything from background to lead vocals!

9:30 am Band Rehearsal
10:50 am Break
11 am Master Classes
12 noon Lunch
12:45 pm Band Rehearsal
1:50 pm Theory & Improvisation
2:30 pm Break
2:45 pm Electives
3:30 pm Band Rehearsal
4:50 pm All-Student Workshops
The home base for each student. Each band writes, arranges and performs at least one original tune in addition to arranging artistically significant material.

Jesse Hameen II, Jazz & Rock Chair
Evan Green, Summer Rocks! Director & keyboards
Tim Walsh, drums and audio tech
Dylan Champion, guitar
Jamie Van Dyck, guitar
Ben Dean, violin/orchestral
Miles LiVolsi, bass
Tiffany Jackson, voice
Rudy Babouder, voice
Plus strings, brass & woodwinds
Please note: Faculty is subject to change.



  • Pay in full by July 15 and receive $40 Early Registration Discount.
  • Early Registration Deadline: July 15

*Includes T-shirt, guaranteed with early registration.

If you require financial assistance to attend Summer Rocks!, please fill out our financial aid application well in advance of the July 15 deadline.
Upon receipt of your completed application and registration, you will be contacted to discuss your request and/or payment plan. Financial aid is need-based and limited.

If you need assistance in setting up an account or registering, please call us at 203-624-5189.

Summer Rocks!

Summer Rocks!