Summer Play-Ins & Ensembles

Check out our special play-ins and ensembles, offered only during the summer months! Ensemble experience helps you hone your rhythmic and listening skills, encourages teamwork and demands collaboration. You’ll find ensemble participation to be one of the most rewarding and valuable aspects of music study.

First (or Second) Try Summer Ensemble

Have you been playing your instrument for at least two years but don't have a lot or (or any!) experience playing with others? Please join us for this short course working on general ensemble skills: counting as a group, starting and ending together, following your part as others play different notes, group dynamics, etc. You MUST be able to read at least an octave on your instrument fluently. Please speak with your teacher about joining the ensemble! This ensemble is open to cello, violin, viola, bass, guitar, mandolin, harp, flute, bassoon, clarinet and two pianos!

Jazz Ensemble – Summer
Rhythm Kings – Summer

Ages 12 - 18. Summer only. The NMS Rhythm Kings focus on hot classic jazz styles from the first half of the 20th century. The group is mainly for students in grades 7-12 who can read music and play in tune. All instruments are welcome; improvisation is encouraged but not required.

Summer Bach Brandenburg Play-In

This one-day play-in is for strings: violin, viola, cello, viola da gamba. Also flute, recorder and bassoon. For those who can sight read well. Winds will need to be flexible, the parts may sometimes go outside of woodwind range. Directed by Grace Feldman.

Summer Baroque

For modern strings, viols, recorders, flute, oboe, bassoon and keyboard. 4 Sessions for $30 each! Sign up for one or all! Directed by Grace Feldman.

Summer Cellos

Enjoy the cello as a melodic voice this summer! We will work both in separate advanced and intermediate groups as well as in a large choir of cellos to bring classical, pop and Disney tunes to life! Advanced players will need to know thumb position and be able to read bass, treble and tenor clefs; other players just need to be able to read music! Get ready!

Summer Flute Choir for Adults

A great opportunity to play repertoire exclusively written for a flute choir which utilizes piccolo, alto, and bass flutes. For intermediate to advanced players with ability to read music required. The ensemble will perform a short informal concert on August 5th.

Summer High School Flute Choir

Join us to play some of the best 20th-century flute choir repertoire. This ensemble features piccolo, C, alto and bass flutes. A short informal concert will conclude the last class.

Summer Middle School Flute Choir

A fun flute ensemble with the opportunity to try alto, bass and piccolo flute along with your regular C flute. 2 years of flute playing is required.

Summer Open Door Viol Consort
the Blue Note Jazz Ensemble – Summer

If you love jazz and can read this is just the ensemble for you. The ensemble coach has the great ability to work with students who are already experienced improvisers or those that have yet to dive in. Repertoire will be chosen from the Blue Note Catalog to match the interests and level of the group. Come swing with us.