Summer – Youth Music Classes

There’s a little something for everyone this summer at NMS! Summer music classes for youth are the perfect opportunity to explore new skills and concepts, while making friends in our friendly, creative community. Our programming includes the basics, like group guitar, as well as special classes offered only this summer. Enroll now to get in on the action!

Intro to Music – Summer

Explore the language of music through playing, singing and composing. Origins of music notation are presented in a hands-on creative experience.

Listening to Music: The Quartet and the Symphony

This is a course for all ages and all listeners. Do you enjoy classical music but aren't quite sure what you are listening FOR or TO? Explore the format and history of the string quartet and symphony through listening examples ranging from Haydn to Shostakovitch. Listening assignments will be emailed each week and discussion is encouraged! Please be in touch if you have any questions!

Meet the Piano – Summer

A fun-filled first exploration of the keyboard in a small-group setting. Students will experience important beginning musical concepts, keyboard orientation and beginnings of pitch and rhythmic notation through song and movement activities. They will master simple melodies on the piano and build a solid foundation for future music study. Student must have (electric) piano or keyboard with at least four octaves for home practice.

Music Theory I – Summer

Become a rhythm machine! Improve your reading skills! Build intervals and harmonies like a pro! Let music theory jump start you to the next level of training.

  • Studying at NMS offers many benefits. This class is offered only to students taking 4 or more individual lessons this summer, and is free of charge!
  • Visit our registration page to enroll in lessons, then inform our office that you would like to join this class and we will be happy to register you!
  • If you are interested in Music Theory 1 this summer, but are not signed up for 4 or more individual lessons:
    • Contact our placement office to sign up for more lessons! or
    • Complete our "Music Theory 1 Interest Form" - this allows us to monitor interest and potentially build options.
Summer Cellos

Enjoy the cello as a melodic voice this summer! We will work both in separate advanced and intermediate groups as well as in a large choir of cellos to bring classical, pop and Disney tunes to life! Advanced players will need to know thumb position and be able to read bass, treble and tenor clefs; other players just need to be able to read music! Get ready!

Summer Songwriting Workshop

There’s no ONE right way to write a song, so in this workshop, students will explore many elements of songwriting. Lyrically they’ll hone their storytelling skills and create meaning by using imagery, metaphor and perspective. Musically, students will learn to use basic music theory to write memorable melody lines, unique rhythms and chord progressions. We’ll look at the inspiration process; where do ideas come from and how to do we cultivate creative flow? As well as the editing process; how do we craft a song into greatness? Students will experiment with solo and small-group writing exercises. They’ll be encouraged but not required to share songs with the class, where we will address vocal health, performance skills, and learning to give constructive and compassionate feedback. Instruments encouraged but not necessary!

Summer Suzuki Group on the Guilford Green

Bring a picnic and play violin on the Guilford Green with your friends. This class will meet weekly for outdoor violin games, music and general enjoyment of the beautiful summer. An nice change of pace from the regular Suzuki group routine.

Summer Ukulele Party

In this fun interactive class, students learn the basics of music (rhythm, note reading, chords and melody) as they explore the engaging world of ukulele. In no time, students will be strumming songs and having fun, while learning the fundamentals they need to know.

Teen Cabaret Intensive

Instructor: Liz Rubino - Accompanist: David Bell

Cabaret is a word that has been used to describe a few things, including a “variety show” and the Kander & Ebb musical titled “Cabaret.” In its truest meaning, Cabaret is an art form in and of itself. Its roots are traced back to the 1800s in France at Le Chat Noir, and today, it is a prominent art form in New York City, across the nation, and internationally! Through song delivery and presence, the Cabaret Intensive teaches performers how to be authentic and spontaneous with their audience. Unlike playing a character, you are “yourself” on stage. There is no “fourth wall,” (the audience is very present and in the now) and the material you choose represents you in unique ways. Cabaret is not about singing “the best,” but rather, it's about storytelling and emotional discovery through the music and lyrics. An excellent opportunity for teens who love to sing, perform, and learn how to be their best and most present selves.