Summer – Adult Music Classes

There’s a little something for everyone this summer at NMS! Summer music classes for adults are the perfect opportunity to explore new skills and concepts, while making friends in our friendly, creative community. Our programming includes the basics, like group guitar, as well as special classes offered only this summer. Enroll now to get in on the action!

Listening to Music: The Quartet and the Symphony

This is a course for all ages and all listeners. Do you enjoy classical music but aren't quite sure what you are listening FOR or TO? Explore the format and history of the string quartet and symphony through listening examples ranging from Haydn to Shostakovitch. Listening assignments will be emailed each week and discussion is encouraged! Please be in touch if you have any questions!

Music Theory for Teens and Adults – Summer

This is a short course designed to broaden your understanding of the building blocks of music: note reading in the four clefs, time and key signatures, the Circle of Fifths, and rhythmic notation. Clarify questions to help your playing or listening! There will be homework and active participation is encouraged. Please be in touch if you have any questions!

Rounds for Women – Summer

This singing class is for "tune-carrying" women who love to sing and who may or may not read music. Everyone learns the same melody and then the harmonic fun begins! Songs about nature, fun, time, love, sadness, peace, happiness in various styles. Modern and contemporary repertoire. Join us in this Sisterhood of Song!

Singing the Basics – Summer

Singing relaxes, energizes and entertains. This class will teach the fundamentals of voice in a low-pressure group setting. Each student will receive individual attention and do plenty of singing! Note: If enrollment exceeds four students, class will be extended to a one-hour session.

Summer Cellos

Enjoy the cello as a melodic voice this summer! We will work both in separate advanced and intermediate groups as well as in a large choir of cellos to bring classical, pop and Disney tunes to life! Advanced players will need to know thumb position and be able to read bass, treble and tenor clefs; other players just need to be able to read music! Get ready!

Vintage Voices – Summer

A combination of music and movement for participants 60-years and up who want to stay active in mind and body. Participants will explore low-intensity modern dance and vocal music of all styles. The class is designed to accommodate any level of physical ability and musical skill.