Summer – Music and Movement Classes

Music in Motion I: With Parent – Summer

The summer version of our class for 6-24-month-olds; A first exploration in music, this course awakens the natural beat within every child. Children experience pulse and rhythm through bouncing, kicking, crawling and, later, walking. Playful song activities are chosen carefully to foster early language development, while introducing pitch, phrasing, tempo and dynamics. Age-appropriate rhythm instruments help develop fundamental motor skills. Parents or caretakers share in the experience with their child.

Music in Motion II: With Parent – Summer

The summer version of our class for 2 & 3-year-olds. Action packed! Children march, bounce, jump, run and shake using props such as scarves, hoops and ribbons. As children continue to grow, this class broadens their musical understanding of pitch, phrasing, tempo and dynamics. This class serves as both a pre-instrumental and pre-dance experience.

Music in Motion III: No Parent – Summer

The summer version of our class for 3, 4 & 5-year-olds. In this first solo class without a parent, preschoolers are exposed to a world of dramatic and imaginative play, using their natural creativity to explore the world of music. Pitch, rhythm and beat-keeping are further expanded through stories, singing and instrument play. Skipping, leaping, galloping and group circle dances expand their movement repertoire. In this class we take advantage of the great learning environment of NMS and visit other teaching studios where students are introduced to a range of instruments by skilled teachers.