Dance Classes for Youth – Summer

Explore our wide range of dance programming, including ballet, modern, tap, creative dance and jazz, during our shorter summer session. Classes are available for children and teens of all levels. Have fun and make new friends in our warm and friendly dance community!

B.A.S.E.S – Summer

Are you interested in a stretch class for rejuvenation, circulation, increased /extreme flexibility? This class is for you. Using exercise science, anatomy, injury prevention, and technical dance body conditioning to increase range of motion and strength. Geared towards all levels and abilities from Professional to recreational to Lupus Warriors and Seniors. Attire: dance, yoga, fitness clothes that are fitted and allows you to stretch. Leotard, tank top, tights, leggings preferred. T-shirt and sweats permitted.

Ballet – Summer
Boys Only Hip-Hop Dance – Summer

This Boys Only Hip Hop class offers a creative, athletic experience while developing coordination, dance and motor skills, and rhythm through movement and music. This class promotes fitness and positive self-esteem, as well as building confidence to perform. All classes consist of only age appropriate movements and isolations. Steps will be taught progressively as students exhibit the proper technical ability and muscle strength. No previous dance experience is required.

Creative Dance – Summer
Hip-Hop Dance – Summer

Ages 6 - 8, 9 - 12, 13 - 17. A high-energy introduction to the funk/hip-hop culture, focusing on dance technique and sequence. Students in this class will be part of the Collaborative Choreography Initiative, where basic

Jazz Dance – Summer

Jazz Dance

Modern Dance – Summer

Modern Dance is designed to build a vocabulary base that inspires each student to discover their creative expression. Dancers experience the fun of exploring shape, size, speed and different levels in space through fun exercises and experiments. They will cultivate a strong sense of self-awareness by moving through space alone, as well as with others and become comfortable responding with movement either with or without music. The experience is enhanced by the immediate response and collaboration of live accompaniment.

Pre-Ballet – Summer
Tap Dance – Summer