Summer – Teen & Adult Dance & Wellness Classes

Explore our wide range of dance programming, including ballet, modern, tap and jazz, during our shorter summer session. From former dancers who have a desire to re-engage with the craft, to those who have never danced a day in their lives, our dance classes provide a unique opportunity for adults to expand physical strength and flexibility, learn proper dance skills and connect with fellow students in a warm and friendly community!

Ballet Fundamentals Adults – Summer

Ballet Fundamentals for Adults is a beginner class for students with LITTLE or NO prior ballet experience. This slow moving class will focus on basic ballet terminology and proper alignment in a friendly environment. This class will be scheduled as half year course. Students are encouraged to enroll in consecutive seasons of this course.

Barre Class – Summer

Barre class is a full-body, hybrid workout class, combining ballet-inspired moves, pilates, yoga and strength training in order to increase overall strength and flexibility. The emphasis of isometric movements, and a small range of motion help to target specific muscle groups. This workout is low/non-impact, and modifications will be given to accommodate all ages and levels of fitness.

Body Fullness and Balance – Summer

This class will offer part body awareness practice and part balancing practice. The body-fullness is about awareness of how the body feels and bringing the mind out of the head and into the wisdom of the body's messages. From this awareness we will also strengthen the core functionally by challenge the body to do balance positions from dance, yoga and real life, introducing a shift in practice and awareness, in the studio and out.

Contemporary Improvisation – Summer

Contemporary Improvisation will focus on PLAY and will prompt you with tasks that will force you to get creative and find pathways in your body you might not have known existed. We will warm up as a group utilizing elements of contemporary/modern dance and yoga, starting on the floor and working our way to standing. We will then move across the floor with various improvisational prompts and discuss how those prompts affect us and the choices we make. There will also be partnering tasks that will allow us to respond to each others' movement and possibly create short phrases. The options are endless. Come with an open mind. (This class is ideal for movers with at least 2-3 years of dance experience).

Corrective Exercises for Dancers – Summer

Join Alexis Robbins (ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, B.S. in Exercise Science) in an exploration of finding what muscles needs to be strengthened, what needs to be lengthened, and creating a plan to help you become the best dancer you can be. This class is open to movers of all levels who want to have a better understanding of their body, wake up inactive muscle groups, and address injuries or chronic pain. We will use tools such as foam rollers, balls, yoga blocks, and bands to aid in our exercises and stretches. You will leave feeling more aware of any imbalances and how to address them! Come prepared with a notebook and open mind.

Jazz Funk for Adults – Summer

Ever find yourself reminiscing and bopping your head and hips to "Hit Me Baby One More Time", "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", or "Wannabe"? Well then this jazz funk class is for you! Dancers will have fun with upbeat and exhilarating combinations to all of your favorite pop hits from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. Class will begin with a warm up that combines elements of yoga, jazz and modern dance, body weight resistance training, and cardio. You will then move across the floor, with a focus on travelling and transferring into and out of the floor. Every week there will be a different combination to a fun throwback and then class will conclude with a short stretch. You won't even realize you're getting a great workout because you'll be too busy having fun and singing along!

Modern Dance for Adults – Summer

Modern Dance is designed to build a vocabulary base that inspires each student to discover their creative expression. Dancers experience the fun of exploring shape, size, speed and different levels in space through fun exercises and experiments. They will cultivate a strong sense of self-awareness by moving through space alone, as well as with others and become comfortable responding with movement either with or without music. The experience is enhanced by the immediate response and collaboration of live accompaniment.

Tap Technique and Improvisation – Summer

Ages 14 - adult. Tap Technique and Improvisation will begin with rhythm tap rudiments that will provide as a warm up and focus on technique. We will then spend the bulk of the class improvising which will involve various games, discussing music theory, trading, singing, and more. Whether you are brand new to improvising with tap shoes on or you're a seasoned improviser, this class is for you. In this class we will think of ourselves as jazz musicians, and think of our feet as drum sticks or hands. Come join the fun! (1-2 years tap experience preferred)

Yoga – Summer

Create more room to breathe!  Explore the integration of breath and movement, with a focus on form and flow: a light-hearted approach to strengthening and lengthening that will leave you feeling both invigorated and relaxed.  This class is appropriate for both new and experienced yogis.  Wear clothing that allows you to move freely.  Bring a small blanket or shawl for end of class if desired.