Chamber 360˚

Chamber 360 is an intensive, year-long, audition-only chamber music program co-led by Ravenna Michalsen and Rebecca Patterson. Chamber 360 combines the idea of learning and performing an entire chamber piece with an emphasis on team building. The weekly 90 minute meetings consist of 60 minutes of coaching with 30 minutes of music history and theory related to the chamber piece. There are two formal recitals, one community performance, one master class and if the groups so chooses, a recording of the piece at the end of the academic year.

Piano Trio 360˚

Building Teamwork and Identity through Music! Piano 360˚ is a selective and rigorous chamber music experience, designed for middle and high school students. Two important works are explored in their entirety each year, presented through in-depth study of their historical and artistic context and basic theoretical structures. Works span Haydn to 21st Century. Ensemble technique and identity is addressed through a unique approach of targeted exercises, team building, and community involvement. For individuals, a submission of playing will be used to place the student appropriately. This 32 week course includes a recording session. \n Coaches:Rebecca Patterson Ravenna Michalsen

String Quartet 360˚ – Junior Division

Middle school (11 - 14)

String Quartet 360˚ – Senior Division

High school (14-18)