Rock Bands & Classes

NMS Rocks! – the yearlong NMS Rock and Roll experience –  has students of all ages exploring their music and their world through the exhilarating, all-embracing genre of Rock and Roll.  From young beginners to the most experienced adults – through classes, visiting artists, concert outings, and more – there’s an important place for everyone at NMS Rocks!.  Come join the NMS Rocks! family!

And the Music Played the Band: (Re) Discovering the Grateful Dead

The music of the Grateful Dead is one of the great cultural achievements and contributions of the modern era. Students in this class will discover how and why this band brought together the entire spectrum of music found in the United States: from Bluegrass and Folk - Free and Traditional Jazz – Blues, R&B, and Classical music. In addition to being a performance class, audio archives, first-hand accounts, visual art, media footage, and students own contributions will be presented to deepen appreciation of this pivotal group.

Get Ready to Rock

This 8 week class introduces students to the awesome world of Rock Music, preparing them to begin their journey in their own NMS Rock Band.

Rock Band
Open to all musicians of any discipline, any style, and any age, the NMS Rock Ensemble program prides itself on bringing together students into original Bands that foster lasting friendships, learning, creativity, and fun.  Please contact for placement info.