The Preschool at NMS

Young children are natural explorers, learners and creative thinkers. Arts are the perfect vehicle for them to experience and understand the world around them. Imagine a place where every day is filled with rich exposure to the arts. At any given time, our students may be found pretending to be astronauts, writing books, peeking under the hood of a Steinway grand, charting the growth of tadpoles, singing in music classes, baking morning snacks, dancing in our professional studio, or visiting store owners in our neighborhood. Download our Preschool Brochure here.

These diverse explorations give children unique insights into the world around them and feed their joy of lifelong learning!

The goals of the Preschool at NMS are to:

  • Provide a setting in which young children can learn to become members of a group as well as to develop an awareness of themselves as unique individuals
  • Offer a variety of learning experiences that develop a child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for all areas of learning
  • Create a foundation for future involvement in music, dance and art
  • Provide parents with opportunities to interact and learn with their children through music and community-related activities

Our Philosophy

Our dedicated teachers create an environment that supports and respects each child’s individual development. Through age appropriate activities, children learn to embrace art, music, dance and storytelling as important parts of their worlds and a means of individual expression. Encouraged to ask questions, to find answers, and to express their feelings, children safely explore the world around them. NMS is a community culture and parents are a particularly important part of the large family we create every year. Parents are welcome to participate in classroom activities and family events throughout the year.

Our Program

Play-based learning unfolds as teachers integrate curriculum concepts into natural free play interactions. Student : teacher ratios of 6:1 in The Preschool and 4:1 in The Toddler Program allow for supportive interactions and guidance from teachers. Every day, the classrooms are prepared with a variety of activities in all of our interest areas such as block-building, dramatic play, the writing center, science table and art corner. As the children explore and develop their own interests, our dedicated teachers introduce concepts related to literacy, science and mathematics. Through interactions with their mixed age peers, and with gentle guidance by teachers, children grow socially and emotionally.

Families interested in applying to the Preschool and Toddler Program are invited to schedule a tour of the classrooms with the program director. Please click here to submit your inquiry. Inquiries can be made at any time, although we do recommend you call during the Fall prior to the year you would like your child to attend.