Corrective Exercises / Injury Prevention Workshop

This class is open to all humans that move their bodies (everyone), and will be helpful for active bodies to hone in on imbalances that may be impeding performance and/or learning how to prevent future injuries. With guidance from Alexis Robbins, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, BS in Exercise Science, and 5 years as a personal trainer, students will learn how to identify weak and/or tight muscle groups, habits that may be causing pain or tightness, strengthening and lengthening exercises and stretches, as well as basic self-myofascial release (foam rolling and ball work) techniques. The goal of this class is to have a better understanding of how to take care of our bodies in order to live long healthy lives as movers and people.

Musical Theater Audition Workshop

“Gosh, I hope I Get It!” Brush up on your audition techniques with this four-week mini workshop! Musical Theatre Audition Workshop will prepare students to audition for the Musical Theater genre, by incorporating acting, vocal, and movement disciplines. The workshop will prepare students for upcoming auditions, build confidence, strengthen audition skills, review audition room etiquette and help to reduce audition anxiety in a fun, creative, and supportive environment. Students will learn a 16-measure audition piece, practice short dance presentations and cold readings, and participate in a short “Mock” audition! Join the fun and land the role of your dreams! Taught by Karen Baranski and Jen Sciglibaglio