Online Workshops

Online Workshops

Contemporary Dance – Workshop

Ages 16 & Up. This 3-DAY WORKSHOP will focus on PLAY and will prompt you with tasks that will force youto get creative and find pathways in your body you might not have known existed. We will warm up utilizing elements of modern dance and yoga along with improvisational tasks that will ask you to explore less structural movement based on how you feel. We will build upon one combination over the three days so that at the end of the workshop you'll have a full dance to take with you. Moving away from codified terms and approaching movement simply as humans moving through space. Let's explore together.

Creative Stretch and Movement w/ Parent

Ages 4-6. This 3-DAY WORKSHOP will introduce you to basic elements of modern dance technique, experiment with fitness stretches and high energy movements for adult and child to do together and separately. Dancers will explore storytelling through dance and obstacle course dances that challenge one physically and creatively.

Horton Technique – Workshop

Ages 16 & Up. Horton's dance technique, which is known as Horton Technique, has no style, per se, as does Martha Graham. However, the technique emphasizes a whole body, anatomical (relating to body structure/anatomy) approach to dance that includes flexibility, strength, coordination and body and spatial awareness to enable complete freedom and unrestricted movement and expression. This 3-DAY WORKSHOP will serve as a basic introduction for beginners and review for intermediate danceers.

Jazz Funk for Teens and Adults – Workshop

Ages 16 & up. Have you been craving a living room dance party where there are no judgements? Do you love shaking your hips to the likes of Lizzo, Shakira, and Dua Lipa? Well then this 3-DAY WORKSHOP, Jazz Funk, is for you! Class will begin with a warm up that combines elements of yoga, jazz dance, body weight resistance training, and cardio. We will build one combination over the three-day period so that at the end of the workshop you have learned a full, super-fun dance. You won't even realize you are getting a great workout because you'll be too busy having fun and singing along!

Tap Technique & Improvisation – Workshop

Ages 16 & up. This 3-DAY WORKSHOP will begin with rhythm tap rudiments that will provide as a warm-up and focus on technique. We will then spend the remainder of the class experimenting with improvisation through various games, discussing music theory, trading, singing, and more. In this class we will think of ourselves as jazz musicians, and think of our feet as drum sticks or hands. Come join the fun!