Online Dance Classes

Online Dance Classes

Ballet – Summer

Ages 6-8 is structured to build a foundation of basic ballet vocabulary and technique. This 60-minute class will focus on introducing vocabulary, alignment concepts, strength building, musicality and ballet class etiquette. Students in this class will be part of the Collaborative Choreography Initiative, where basic choreography techniques will be introduced. (Students in the spring session will have an opportunity to create a dance piece and perform in a year-end dance concert.)

Ages 9 - 12. Ballet classes are structured to continue to build upon basic ballet vocabulary.

Ballet Fundamentals – Summer

Ages 16 & Up. Ballet Fundamentals for Adults is a beginner class for students with LITTLE or NO prior ballet experience. This slow moving class will focus on basic ballet terminology and proper alignment in a friendly environment. This class will be scheduled as half year course. Students are encouraged to enroll in consecutive seasons of this course.

Barre Class – Summer

Ages 18 & Up. Barre class is a full-body, hybrid workout class, combining ballet-inspired moves, pilates, yoga and strength training in order to increase overall strength and flexibility. The emphasis of isometric movements, and a small range of motion help to target specific muscle groups. This workout is low/non-impact, and modifications will be given to accommodate all ages and levels of fitness.

Boys Only Hip-Hop Dance – Summer

Ages 7-11. This Boys Only Hip Hop class offers a creative, athletic experience while developing coordination, dance and motor skills, and rhythm through movement and music. This class promotes fitness and positive self-esteem, as well as building confidence to perform. All classes consist of only age-appropriate movements and isolations. Steps will be taught progressively as students exhibit the proper technical ability and muscle strength. No previous dance experience is required.

Broadway and Beyond

Ages 11-17.  This class will work on choreography from musicals and movies, utilizing movement ideas from these shows to create original choreography, and teach the basics a dancer would need for the dance component of an audition. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in a year-end performance and may also act as the dance ensemble for the NMS Musical Theater Workshop spring musical presentation.

Classical Conditioning – Summer

Ages 16 & Up. Classical Conditioning is for the adult dancer who wants a strong and lean body while also learning about how the body and brain work in concert. In this course, dancers will work on specific exercises designed to improve their ballet technique while gaining valuable anatomical knowledge. This course will also teach the adult dancer how to celebrate who they are as people, recognize their innate strength and own all of the positive qualities and behaviors that make each person amazing.

Contemporary Ballet for Adults – Summer

Ages 16 & up. A fun contemporary ballet class for the adult with some ballet knowledge. Great exercise. Attire: leotard, jazz pants/leggings (skirts, shorts and sweat pants may be worn), ballet shoes.

Contemporary Dance – Workshop

Ages 16 & Up. This 3-DAY WORKSHOP will focus on PLAY and will prompt you with tasks that will force youto get creative and find pathways in your body you might not have known existed. We will warm up utilizing elements of modern dance and yoga along with improvisational tasks that will ask you to explore less structural movement based on how you feel. We will build upon one combination over the three days so that at the end of the workshop you'll have a full dance to take with you. Moving away from codified terms and approaching movement simply as humans moving through space. Let's explore together.

Creative Stretch and Movement w/ Parent

Ages 4-6. This 3-DAY WORKSHOP will introduce you to basic elements of modern dance technique, experiment with fitness stretches and high energy movements for adult and child to do together and separately. Dancers will explore storytelling through dance and obstacle course dances that challenge one physically and creatively.

Elev(ate) Ballet HIIT

Ages 16 & up. Love ballet but aren't getting the cardio burn? This class is a ballet-inspired HIIT routine that zeroes in on building cardio endurance while working all of the muscles to get your legs and jumps soaring off the ground, pirouettes solid, adagio a piece of cake, and generally make ballet class a lot more fun. No more groaning when your teacher wants you to do something slow!

Hip-Hop Dance – Summer

Ages 7-11. A high-energy introduction to the funk/hip-hop culture, focusing on dance technique and sequence.

Horton Technique – Workshop

Ages 16 & Up. Horton's dance technique, which is known as Horton Technique, has no style, per se, as does Martha Graham. However, the technique emphasizes a whole body, anatomical (relating to body structure/anatomy) approach to dance that includes flexibility, strength, coordination and body and spatial awareness to enable complete freedom and unrestricted movement and expression. This 3-DAY WORKSHOP will serve as a basic introduction for beginners and review for intermediate danceers.

Jazz Dance – Summer

Ages 7-11. Learn basic stretches, vocabulary, simple travel sequences and short combinations in beginner classes, and more advanced techniques as you move up to higher level classes. All classes focus on alignment concepts, strength building, musicality and jazz class etiquette.

Jazz Funk for Teens and Adults – Workshop

Ages 16 & up. Have you been craving a living room dance party where there are no judgements? Do you love shaking your hips to the likes of Lizzo, Shakira, and Dua Lipa? Well then this 3-DAY WORKSHOP, Jazz Funk, is for you! Class will begin with a warm up that combines elements of yoga, jazz dance, body weight resistance training, and cardio. We will build one combination over the three-day period so that at the end of the workshop you have learned a full, super-fun dance. You won't even realize you are getting a great workout because you'll be too busy having fun and singing along!

Movement, Mindfulness and Me – Summer

Ages 18 & Up. A class you might need right now! This class includes strengthening exercises, open time to discuss whatever is on your mind/or not, and stretch/meditation/body awareness practices.  A forum that is fluid and allows for these things to flow in whatever sequence works for the group.

Pointes and Planks – Summer

Ages 16 & up. This pointe class builds technique and strength through HIIT inspired workouts. The class focuses on correct technique and high levels of repetition to get you from hating pas de Couru to looking for the largest space possible to Couru to your heart's conetnt. You will also develop strength in rolling up/down, balance stability, confidence in pointe shoes, and core strength. Yes, we do planks in this class! Grab your pointe shoes and water bottle and get ready to sweat!

Pre-Ballet – Summer

Ages 4-5. Pre-Ballet is an introduction to the very basics of dance and ballet vocabulary.

Pre-Professional Dance Intensive

Ages 12-17. Pre-professional training for Intermediate/Advanced Dance Scholars ages 12-17 seeking high-energy, intense mentorship in the following techniques: Ballet, African, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop and flexibility. Dancers will also be introduced to Choreography and Performance through the Collaborative Choreography Initiative using the NMS Premiere Dance Company Repertoire. This Dance Intensive is geared toward dancers seeking high quality training. this is an excellent preparation for current and potential Premier Dance Company candidates.

Sing and Dance Family Style!
Please join us in drumming to African and Indian music, singing together songs like Fire Truck, Rainbow, or the color song; dancing to French minuet, or Irish Stepdance. Gather along as a family and make music together, because sometimes all your child needs is music and good company.
Ages 0 -6
Tap Dance – Summer

Ages 7-11. Learn basic steps and rhythms, and how to use them in fun and challenging combinations

Tap Dance for Adults – Summer

Ages 18 & Up. This is a mixed-level tap class for the beginning or intermediate student. It will include a review of basic steps and rhythms used in fun and challenging combinations. Attire: comfortable, easy-moving clothing, tap shoes. Students in this class will be part of the Collaborative Choreography Initiative, where basic choreography techniques will be introduced. (Students in the spring session will have an opportunity to create a dance piece and perform in a year end dance concert.)

Tap Technique & Improvisation – Workshop

Ages 16 & up. This 3-DAY WORKSHOP will begin with rhythm tap rudiments that will provide as a warm-up and focus on technique. We will then spend the remainder of the class experimenting with improvisation through various games, discussing music theory, trading, singing, and more. In this class we will think of ourselves as jazz musicians, and think of our feet as drum sticks or hands. Come join the fun!

Yoga – Summer

Ages 16 & Up. Create more room to breathe!  Explore the integration of breath and movement, with a focus on form and flow: a light-hearted approach to strengthening and lengthening that will leave you feeling both invigorated and relaxed.  This class is appropriate for both new and experienced yogis.  Wear clothing that allows you to move freely.  Any/all of these will enhance your experience (but are optional): yoga mat, yoga block, strap, rolled blanket, shawl or sweater for end of class.