Musical Theater

Musical theater classes help students develop vocal technique, confidence and work on personalizing performances to tell a story! Young actors will learn the basic principles of acting in a class that incorporates vocal diction and projection, improvisation and scene study, and theater exercises to help build a strong ensemble. No experience necessary, everyone is welcome.


Cabaret is a medium that combines the performers’ musicality and interpretive imagination in an intimate performance setting. Students in this class will explore different approaches to understanding what motivates a song, and work towards a public performance at the end of each term. Students will choose material in consultation with the instructor. An informal interview is required. Teens welcome with permission of instructor. Maximum of six students per class.

Musical Theater Workshop

Ages 8-12, Ages 13-18    In this weekly program, students develop the skills needed to thrive in any musical theater setting. For the first half of the year, classes will focus on vocal coaching, improvisation, comedy, monologues and multiple dance genres - helping to prepare students to share their work in an exciting year-end performance. In the second half of the year, students will experience the audition process and all the ins and outs of rehearsing and presenting a musical.  A Musical Theater production will be presented in a theater setting.

  •  Age 8-12

This is a great introduction to the world of musical theater. Dance, voice, and drama basics are incorporated in this fun and exploratory class. Students attend a 45 minute NMS Children’s Chorus (where they will gain valuable singing techniques in a fun, energetic atmosphere) from Sept.-Dec. followed by 60 minutes of dance and drama activities that build a strong foundation of skills and confidence. Participants will have small group, show-specific vocal coaching from Jan.-June,

  • Age 13-18

Students in this course work towards the integration of voice, dance & drama - building the skills and confidence which will help them to achieve a dynamic performance. Students attend a 60-minute group vocal coaching session (where they learn proper vocal technique in a fun and focused ensemble class) followed by a 90-minute dance and drama class (where they build skills through dance combinations and theatrical exercises). Students will polish their skills in preparation for competitive auditions and performances. This more focused approach propels the students’ expressive freedom and confidence.