Music Theory & Appreciation

Want to improve your understanding of how music works, develop your ability to hear music and improve your music literacy? These Music theory and appreciation classes are for all instrumentalists and vocalists wanting to take their musicianship to the next level.

How to Listen to Music

In this class students will explore the sounds and ranges of musical instruments by listening to major periods of classical music.

Intro to Music

A perfectly designed class that fosters the early fundamentals of music education and instrument readiness in an engaging, fun and developmentally age appropriate way for all to explore and join! Students will explore music education through movement, instruments, beginning notation and sight singing. The class also offers early ensemble and performance opportunities that cultivate the joy of making music with others!

Music Theory AP Prep

For students with advanced knowledge. Review and practice taking the Advanced Placement Music Theory exam.

Music Theory for Teens and Adults – Summer

This is a short course designed to broaden your understanding of the building blocks of music: note reading in the four clefs, time and key signatures, the Circle of Fifths, and rhythmic notation. Clarify questions to help your playing or listening! There will be homework and active participation is encouraged. Please be in touch if you have any questions!

Music Theory I

Understand the language of music. Everyone will benefit from these fun interactive music theory classes. Take your musicianship to the next level by improving your understanding of how music works, developing your ability to hear music and improving your music literacy. For all instrumentalists and vocalists.

Music Theory II

For those with a rudimentary understanding and some playing experience. Class continues improving fundamentals, plus minor scales and key signatures, intervals, triads and inversions. Some form and harmonic analysis included and continued development of aural skills.

Music Theory III for Adults

This class is a continuation of Music Theory II focusing on chordal analysis. There will also be a listening and history component. Not open to beginners.