Instrumental Classes for Adults

Our adult group classes teach the fundamentals of playing an instrument in a relaxed and social environment. Students learn the basics, work towards performing song(s), and make friends along the way! Classes are offered for a variety of instruments.

Accordion – Beginnings

This Class is geared towards adult beginners. Whether coming to the accordion from piano or another instrument, or starting your musical journey with a squeezebox; whether accompanying yourself or playing with others, Accordion Beginnings will provide you with the skills for a lifetime of music making. Repertoire will be drawn from traditional accordion literature as well as adapted from various folk sources.

Guitar – Beginnings

Learn the basics of playing guitar in a friendly environment of fellow beginners. Small class sizes allow for a high level of personal attention. Classes fill up fast, so register early.

Piano – Beginnings

Learn the basics of playing the piano in a friendly environment with fellow beginners. Small class sizes allow for a high level of personal attention. Classes fill up fast, so register early. Great for building a foundation for future music study on any instrument.

Piano Performance Class – Auditors

Our Piano Performance class offered for auditors to observe. A class for intermediate to advanced adult pianists to perform in a relaxed and friendly environment. During the two-hour class, three or four players will present works in progress and class members will be encouraged to offer constructive remarks. Not intended as a substitute for independent piano studies. (Number of classes depends on amount of players, but is usually 12.)

Piano Performance Class – Players

Performance is an integral part of the learning process. Having regular performance goals motivates students to practice and prepare repertoire more quickly and thoroughly. Performance classes provide all this in a friendly, supportive, and social environment.

West African Drum Circle

Explore the layered interlocking polyrhythms of West Africa while learning to play world percussion and hand drums with confidence. African drumming empowers us to find our individual rhythmic voice, and brings us together in cooperation, respect and cultural understanding. This class will focus on djembe, djun djun and conga drums. We will also introduce the gankogui bell and shekere. The rhythmic skills learned in these fun, fast paced classes easily translates to all other musical instruments.