Exercise & Wellness

Dance, stretch and move your way to good health. Exercise & well-being classes at NMS are designed for students of all ages and all levels to enjoy the healthy benefits associated with exercise while socializing with new friends in a warm and supportive atmosphere. Our fun, experienced instructors will guide you with patience and enthusiasm!

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Alexander Technique for Musicians

The body is an instrument and Alexander Technique is a method for using it well. — Lori Schiff, professor of the Alexander Technique, The Juilliard School music program Alexander Technique has been for studied worldwide for over one hundred years. It is an effective way to solve physical problems that interfere with the complex coordination of playing an instrument, and of singing. Habitual ways of moving and thinking are unconscious and often counterproductive. The Technique teaches you to be aware of these patterns and the means to move without them, opening the door for change. Alexander Technique is an invaluable tool for any performer. This five-week class series offers an in-depth introduction to the Alexander Technique for musicians. In addition to hands-on guidance there will be group activities, demonstrations and discussion. Students will also receive hands-on coaching on their respective instrument in the class setting. Students should be at an intermediate level of proficiency or above on their instrument. No previous Alexander Technique experience required.

Barre Class

Barre class is a full-body, hybrid workout class, combining ballet-inspired moves, pilates, yoga and strength training in order to increase overall strength and flexibility. The emphasis of isometric movements, and a small range of motion help to target specific muscle groups. This workout is low/non-impact, and modifications will be given to accommodate all ages and levels of fitness.

Corrective Exercises for Dancers

Join Alexis Robbins (ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, B.S. in Exercise Science) in an exploration of finding what muscles needs to be strengthened, what needs to be lengthened, and creating a plan to help you become the best dancer you can be. This class is open to movers of all levels who want to have a better understanding of their body, wake up inactive muscle groups, and address injuries or chronic pain. We will use tools such as foam rollers, balls, yoga blocks, and bands to aid in our exercises and stretches. You will leave feeling more aware of any imbalances and how to address them! Come prepared with a notebook and open mind. Please note: in mid-February, some dance classes close to new enrollments as students begin work on Collaborative Choreography for their spring concert.
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Ages 18 - adult. Amrit Yoga classes for health and stress management. An integrative approach to postures (asanas), breath work (prana) and holistic lifestyle are presented to help manage life’s daily challenges. All levels are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat and a light shawl or blanket and wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.