Dance Classes for Adults

From former dancers who have a desire to re-engage with the craft, to those who have never danced a day in their lives, our dance classes provide a unique opportunity for adults to expand physical strength and flexibility, learn proper dance skills and connect with fellow students in a warm and friendly community! Our adult classes include a range of dance genres, with sections for every level. In most classes, students will participate in our one-of-a-kind Collaborative Choreography Initiative, working together to create original dance choreography, and performing in year-end dance concerts.

 For dance class attire, please visit our Dance Department page under “FAQs”

Please note: some dance classes are closed to new enrollments mid year as the students begin work

on collaborative choreography for their spring concert.

Ballet Fundamentals Adults

This Beginner class is for students with LITTLE or NO prior ballet experience. This slow moving class will focus on basic ballet terminology and proper alignment in a friendly environment . This class will be scheduled as half year course. Students are encouraged to enroll in consecutive seasons of this course.


Barre class is a full-body, hybrid workout class, combining ballet-inspired moves, pilates, yoga and strength training in order to increase overall strength and flexibility. The emphasis of isometric movements, and a small range of motion help to target specific muscle groups. This workout is low/non-impact, and modifications will be given to accommodate all ages and levels of fitness.

Contemporary Ballet for Adults

Contemporary Ballet for Adults is a mixed level class, some ballet knowledge & experience is recommended. This class will move at a moderate to quick pace. It is at the discretion of the teaching artist and students whether these will classes will perform in the spring concert.

Corrective Exercises / Injury Prevention Workshop

This class is open to all humans that move their bodies (everyone), and will be helpful for active bodies to hone in on imbalances that may be impeding performance and/or learning how to prevent future injuries. With guidance from Alexis Robbins, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, BS in Exercise Science, and 5 years as a personal trainer, students will learn how to identify weak and/or tight muscle groups, habits that may be causing pain or tightness, strengthening and lengthening exercises and stretches, as well as basic self-myofascial release (foam rolling and ball work) techniques. The goal of this class is to have a better understanding of how to take care of our bodies in order to live long healthy lives as movers and people.

Drop-in Dance Card

The Adult Dance Card will not be available for Fall 2020. Please check back in the Spring.

Grounding in Grace

This class will take you through mindful movement and relaxation using techniques of functional and experiential anatomy. The goal is to bring awareness and balance to the body and of its wisdom by listening to and addressing what is needed. We will explore strengthening, stretching and relaxing the body to feel stronger, more grounded and peaceful.

Jazz Funk for Adults

Ever find yourself reminiscing and bopping your head and hips to "Hit Me Baby One More Time", "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", or "Wannabe"? Then this jazz funk class is for you! Dancers will have fun with upbeat and exhilarating combinations to all of your favorite pop hits from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. Class will begin with a warm up that combines elements of yoga, jazz and modern dance, body weight resistance training, and cardio. You will then move across the floor, with a focus on traveling and transferring into and out of the floor. Every week there will be a different combination to a fun throwback and then class will conclude with a short stretch. You won't even realize you're getting a great workout because you'll be too busy having fun and singing along!

Mom’s Morning Movement

Class for Moms or ladies that play a motherly role in someone's life. Class for all ages and stages in life.

Tap Dance for Adults

Learn basic steps and rhythms, and how to use them in fun and challenging combinations. Most youth and adult classes will be part of the Collaborative Choreography Initiative, where basic choreography techniques will be introduced. (Students in the Spring session will have an opportunity to create a dance piece and perform in a year end dance concert).