Beginner classes introduce basic ballet vocabulary, strength, musicality and and class etiquette and advanced classes build upon these concepts. Participants are part of NMS’s one-of-a-kind Collaborative Choreography Initiative, and work on creating dance pieces together in a friendly, collaborative way with fellow students, working towards a year-end dance recital. Classes available for dancers of all ages!


For dance class attire, please visit our Dance Department page under “About Us”

Please note: some dance classes are closed to new enrollments mid year as the students begin work on
collaborative choreography for their spring concert.


Ages 6-8 is structured to build a foundation of basic ballet vocabulary and technique. This 60-minute class will focus on introducing vocabulary, alignment concepts, strength building, musicality and ballet class etiquette. Students in this class will be part of the Collaborative Choreography Initiative, where basic choreography techniques will be introduced. (Students in the spring session will have an opportunity to create a dance piece and perform in a year-end dance concert.) 

Ages 9 - 12, 12 - 15, 15 - 18. Ballet classes are structured to continue to build upon basic ballet vocabulary.

Ballet – Level 2

Ballet age 6-8 for students with 2 years experience or instructor approval

Ballet Ensemble for Adults

Experienced dancers take practising and performing to a new level in our ensembles, which meet regularly to practice pieces choreographed by the students themselves, showcasing their ingenuity, creativity and spirit of collaboration! The goal of our dance ensembles is to prepare for a series of performances in the community. Please note: some dance classes are closed to new enrollments mid-year as the students begin work on collaborative choreography for their spring concert.

Ballet Fundamentals Adults

This Beginner class is for students with LITTLE or NO prior ballet experience. This slow moving class will focus on basic ballet terminology and proper alignment in a friendly environment . This class will be scheduled as half year course. Students are encouraged to enroll in consecutive seasons of this course.

Beginning Pointe

Dancers must have prior ballet training, be at least 12 years old and go through an evaluation to determine readiness, given by the Dance Dept. Chair. Students will learn the basics about pointe shoes, from going to the fitting, purchasing proper accessories, sewing on ribbons and elastics and caring for their shoes. This class will be a slow moving, methodical introduction to pointe work, focusing on proper alignment, technique and building strength.

Contemporary Ballet for Adults

The is a mixed level class, some ballet knowledge & experience is recommended. This class will move at a moderate to quick pace. It is at the discretion of the teaching artist and students whether these will classes will perform in the spring concert.


PreBallet is an introduction to the very basics of dance and ballet vocabulary. This class is designed for children with the ability to sustain 30 (for ages 3-4) or 40 (for ages 4-5) minutes of focused activity.