Acting & Film Classes

Classes for children and adults focus on a variety of skills, from vocal diction and projection to scene and monologue preparation. Musical theater classes help students learn to personalize their performances and develop vocal technique and confidence on stage. Individual technique classes and audition preparation classes are also available, allowing students to personalize their instruction.  

Acting for the Camera

In this workshop environment, you will learn techniques for acting in movies and television. You will explore individual and group exercises, character work, and scene study, and you will deepen your self-awareness and expressive capabilities. No prior acting experience required.


You can make a movie on your phone or iPad! Learn important filmmaking techniques - including project planning, production, editing, and character development - to make your films come alive. No prior filmmaking experience required.

Musical Theater Workshop

In this weekly program, students develop the skills needed to thrive in any musical theater setting. Classes focus on vocal coaching, improvisation, comedy, monologues and multiple dance genres - helping prepare students to share their work in a mid year (Sept-Dec course), end of the year (Feb-June course) performance.

  • Age 8-12   A perfect introduction to the world of musical theater studies. Dance, voice, and drama basics are incorporated in this fun and exploratory class. Students will gain valuable singing techniques, explore dance and drama activities that build a strong foundation of skills and confidence.

  • Age 13-18   In this course, students work to integrate voice, dance & drama - building the skills for confident, dynamic performances and preparing students for outside auditions. Students will learn healthy vocal technique and build skills through dance combinations and theatrical exercises). Students polish their skills in a focused and supportive approach that propels their unique style and expressive freedom.


Have an idea for a movie or TV show? Screenwriting will give you an overview of the writing process, including idea development, story structure, characterization, conflict, and dialogue. You will develop an understanding of visual storytelling and will be given the tools to create your own screenplay. No prior writing experience required.