These exciting workshops are led by amazing members of the NMS faculty and give students the opportunity to explore and learn in a fun interactive environment. All workshops are free for students enrolled in 16 or more lessons in an academic year! Let the office know which workshop(s) you would like to attend and we will be happy to register you! Students not taking 16 or more lessons can attend any workshop for $10.

Acting 101

Always wanted to get on stage? Come to Acting 101 for a fun, active introduction to performance skills and techniques! Learn acting exercises and games that will help you develop your potential. No previous theater experience is required.

First Steps in Composition Workshop

Learn the basics of composing and expressing yourself through your own music. Students will be introduced to creating motifs and melodic forms (sentences and periods), combining melody with accompaniment, binary/ternary forms, and expanding a melody into a small form piece (binary or ternary). First Steps in Composition Workshop is for students who are already comfortable with musical notation and an instrument (at least two years of lessons). This is a very hands-on experience, where everyone will learn how to create something small but meaningful.

Screenwriting 101 Workshop

Have an idea for a movie or TV show? Screenwriting 101 will give you an overview of the writing process, including idea development, story structure, characterization, conflict, and dialogue. You will leave this workshop with an understanding of visual storytelling, and with the tools to work on your own screenplay.

Songwriting Workshop

There’s no ONE right way to write a song, so in this workshop, students will explore many elements of songwriting. Lyrically they’ll hone their storytelling skills and create meaning by using imagery, metaphor and perspective. Musically, students will learn to use basic music theory to write memorable melody lines, unique rhythms and chord progressions. We’ll look at the inspiration process; where do ideas come from and how to do we cultivate creative flow? As well as the editing process; how do we craft a song into greatness? Students will experiment with solo and small-group writing exercises. They’ll be encouraged but not required to share songs with the class, where we will address vocal health, performance skills, and learning to give constructive and compassionate feedback. Instruments encouraged but not necessary!