Now through January 31st!


Four 30-minute lessons for $125 (a $174 value).
Good for any NEW activity.

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Why Take Individual Lessons if
You Play an Instrument in Band or Orchestra?

Play with confidence: Learn to play your band/orchestra music with skill and ease.

Play with an amazing tone: Get embouchure and reed tips; develop better bowing and breathing techniques.

Learn to sight read with greater ease: Open doors to explore new music.

Work with an expert to improve very quickly: Then audition for regionals, festivals and area youth ensembles.

Become a band star or section leader: Show your friends how fun band and orchestra can be when you take individual lessons!

$125 payment due in full. Good for one new activity. No registration fee at time of introductory lesson.
Registration fee will apply if enrolled in activity after the 4 weeks.
Need an instrument? We can guide you to a rental! (Separate fee through rental vendor)